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Reloading Data booklet for the newly reintroduced Vectan Powder from Nobel Sport.


Currently Under Review: Editions #1-#2, pages 28-30, are currently being tested. Please DO NOT use the data on these pages. We are working to correct the information in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding.

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Nobel Sport powders the Company

By Thomas B. on Mar 20, 2015
Many years ago Nobel Sport (Vectan) entered the US market, with a lot of pistol/shotgun and rifle powders and much fanfare. They were here long enough that some of their reloading data was published by Richard Lee's Modern Reloading, and carried over to the current printing. Within a few years they were gone, why? They belived that by introducing their powders to the US that nobody would want to use anything else but Nobel Sports and were totally surprised that it did'nt. The're excellent performing powders, and they meter quite well from powder measure.
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