Prvi Partizan Brass 338 Lapua Unprimed Bag of 100

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Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Imported from Serbia. Fully reloadable brass cases. Accept boxer primers. This is not loaded ammunition.

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PRVI Brass

By Randolph J. on Jan 22, 2015
I too tried to save some$$. Not worth it!! This brass is IMHO junk.Read the warning. Lot's of dented necks and case bodies. Neck thickness uniformity is horrible.
Buy the good stuff.

PRVI Brass

By Thomas R. on Dec 21, 2012
I bought some to try,at 40-50% less than Lapua or Hornady brass I thought what the heck.Well, you better be prepaired to do some work on these.First the primer pockets are extremely tight,eight out of the hundred I crushed the primers trying to seat them in so you need to uniform the pockets with a primer tool.Second,the extractor groove is an oddball,they won't fit in an RCBS #14 or 37 shellholder,I had to use a #5 (348 winchester) and they fit sloppy in it so it added to the primer problem.Third,the necks & shoulders have been annealed too soft,I used a carbide sizing ball and it still gaulded,I had to lube the inside of the necks with a #2 soft pencil lead and then they went ok.So,if you don't want to go though all of this,pay more and buy Lapua,Hornady or Norma brass,good luck....Tom
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