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Do you want to get a little handgun practice at times you can't get to the range? Don't have a heavy-duty backstop in the garage? SPEER Plastic Training Components are the prescription you need for short-range practice. This isn't loaded ammo. We make the bullets and cases--you supply the power. A standard large pistol primer provides all the power needed to propel the reusable bullets at velocities between 300 and 400 ft/sec.  For the 45 Auto, use our bullet and a standard 45 Auto brass case with a drilled-out flash hole. A backstop for these bullets can be quickly built from a cardboard box and carpet scraps. SAFETY FIRST: Never use propellant when loading Plastic Training components. Treat the resulting ammunition with the same respect given conventional ammunition; velocity is high enough to injure the skin. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Brush the bore every 12-18 shots to prevent accumulation of primer residue.

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Labor not included

By Gerald W. on Nov 01, 2013
These bullets required some extra work before being able to shoot them through all of my 1911's. The body measures about 0.443 inches. A little tight for one or two of my barrels. I found that some would feed, fire, but not make it out of the barrel. Also, the first couple of shots would shave a strip of plastic off of the bullet. I remedied this problem by chucking a .45acp brass shell into my drill mounted case trimmer and beveled the sharp edge off of the front tip of the bullet. Sanded the body down a thousandth for two and they work great. It was a little labor intensive at first, now they are a lot of fun. I used those plastic "splatter" targets, which are harder to punch thru than paper. Don't forget to open up the windows and burn a nice smelling candle before the other half gets home.
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