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Presenting the Flagship of the Swiss Products Line... The New Type P/S (steel) Diopter. This Diopter is calibrated to range from 75 yards to 1,000 yards, is made of steel and is Eye Relief Adjustable. No rail changes are necessary. The Type P/S will accept both Anschutz and Gehmann Irises.

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K31 Diopter

By John T. on May 24, 2015
These make a huge difference. Night and day if you intend to participate in target shooting. It does take a bit of practice to get the most out of these sights and my suggestion would be a book on marksmanship and focus on the basics. Consistent cheek weld. And then you just need to experiment and practice using the aperture settings and sight picture. How open or closed you adjust the rear is going to make a difference and if you're used to shooting with a scope you'll need to pay strict attention to maintaining a consistent cheek weld and sight picture. I struggled at first expecting some huge improvement over the battle sights but until I paid attention to the aforementioned I was more than frustrated with my results.
I'm certainly not an expert but just passing along what has helped me improve the most. Obvious stuff like breath control and trigger squeeze are understood.
And the SP diopters are the finest you can get and easy to mount and adjust. Quality is second to none and that includes European brands. Don't bother with the Chinese knock offs. You'll throw away your money!

Worth every penny!

By Robert S. on Apr 26, 2015
Received my diopter yesterday. Excellent product!! It looks like they really made an effort to make sure no shortcuts were taken. Installation was basic. The instructions are still in the box. I never read them. Worked up 3 different loads using information on the swiss forum. Some of those guys have been doing this for a long time. Guisan seems like the swiss Guru when it comes to these rifles. I bought this one instead of the Chinese version you can get on ebay for less. Glad I did! I took my K31 to the range to sight it in. The first shot was about 5' off. I don't know if the clicks are 1" but it only took 2 more shots to get it in the black. After that I was getting roughly 2" moa using PPU ammo. One of the loads I worked up shot 1" moa. The proof is on the paper. All shots were at 100 yards. It was a hard chunk of cash to let go of but worth every penny. The hash mark reference lines on the front are off quite a bit but I'm sure that they would be different on every K31. Order one & you won't be sorry.

K31 Diopter & Front site

By Tom O. on Mar 24, 2014
First - great sights. Definitely makes a difference. My K31 was accurate with the issued sights but it drills tacks now. My reason for only 3 stars has nothing to do with Graf's but with Swiss Products. There were no instructions included on how to install the site. The "sighting in" instructions were ok but even those needed some interpretation. I figured it out how to install the sites looking at the photos on SP website. The thumbscrew shown in the sales picture is now an Allen screw - no biggie I guess. The set comes with 2 different allen wrenches- but you need 3. You'll need a 1/8" wrench to attach the rear sight to cylindrical bar. This might be a "flag ship" product but the support leaves something to be desired.
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