CAST 38-55cal 260gr LFNGC LBT CAST BULLET 100/BX

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CAST 38-55cal 260gr LFNGC LBT CAST BULLET 100/BX

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The world’s finest high performance handgun hunting bullet, the LBT SERIES HEAT TREATED SOLIDS. LBT heat-treated solids are rapidly becoming the standard by which all others compare handgun hunting bullets. This new design of bullet does not depend on expansion as do soft point and hollow point bullets, but in fact the performance level achieved by the LBT design is far superior to conventional bullets. Accuracy is generally superior. You can expect wound channel cavitations about 25% larger in diameter and up to 250% deeper than soft point bullets. Our bullets are cast from virgin alloy and heat-treated to a Brinnel hardness of 18-21. This provides for a hard yet ductile bullet, which will not fragment, or blow-up on the toughest hide or even bone. Our bullets do not lead your bore. Our lube has allowed us to shoot our cast bullets in test rifles as fast as 3100 fps. Loading data is included with most bullets.

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