BPI WAD VP65 12ga 1-1/8oz STEEL 250/BG 20/CS

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BPI WAD VP65 12ga 1-1/8oz STEEL 250/BG 20/CS

Product Information

The PT1265 is 1.655" long with shotcup depth of 1.390" and four 45-degree angled slits (1.260" in length). The PT1265 has a tapered interior with wall thickness running near the mouth at .035" to a base side thickness of .060". The gas seal is .730" diameter and .150" deep. The PT1265 wad will load in 2.75" hulls of most all types, depending upon the powder called for in the data. When utilized in 3" gauge hull, a gas seal or nitro card may be used. 

Technical Notes

Product Type: Wad, Multi-Metal capable for field use.
Size: 12-gauge
Load data: See Advantages, ITX manuals.
Typical Loads:
  Non-toxic and high-capacity field loads.

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