NORMA AMMO 7.7x58 JAP 174gr SP 20/bx 10/cs

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NORMA AMMO 7.7x58 JAP 174gr SP 20/bx 10/cs
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Product Information

In Europe this round is called 7,7x58mm Japanese Arisaka and it was adopted by the Japanese army in 1939 to replace the older 6,5 mm round. For some reason they ended up using both rounds during WW II. It uses the same .311” bullets as the .303 British, and is very similar in performance. However, the 7,7 Japanese - or the .31 Jap, as it sometimes is called - is rimless as opposed to the rimmed case of the .303 British. Like the .303 it could be characterized as an old 8mm-08 and is covers almost the same range of game as the .308 Winchester.  This is loaded ammunition.

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Norma 7.7 Jap Ammo

By John E. on Jan 19, 2015
As with other Norma ammo I have used over the years, this loading is made up with very good brass and solid bullets. I liked their older Jap loading better as they had an actual pointed bullet (they called them semi-pointed), which had a higher BC, but for most typical ranges this round will be shot at, it is fine. They perform well on deer size animals, and I have taken a number of deer with my 7.7 Jap over the years. Even in my circa 1942 Type 99, I can get 1 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards. I mostly shoot Graf's Hornady ammo now as it is cheaper and just as accurate. Sure wish they would order up another batch of Hornady SST ammo and bullets for this fine old warhorse! In the meantime, this Norma offering will work fine.
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