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Product Information

 US PeaceKeeper Products is a U.S. based company founded in 1976 to design and manufacture products, specifically for the Law Enforcement community, with a reputation synonymous with integrity and excellence.   We stand behind our products through our lifetime warranty on any defect in manufacturing or workmanship. US PeaceKeeper Products is best known for our innovative design of the highest quality products and of our exceptional value by maintaining competitive pricing. We continue to use these as the cornerstones of our commitment to our customers.


M4 Armorer’s Advanced Travel Kit 16"w x 7.5"h (folded) 29.5”h x 28”w (unfolded)


  • Large Armorer’s Tool Roll

·         Small Punch Roll

o   1/8” Drift Punch – removes the trigger guard roll pin, drifts out the hammer and trigger pins

o   3/32” Drift Punch – removes and installs the forward assist

o   1/16” Drift Punch – removes the A2 rear sight windage drum, gas tube, collapsible stock lock nut and charging handle latch

o   1/8” Roll Pin Punch – installs the trigger guard roll pin

o   1/16” Roll Pin Punch – installs the gas tube toll pin, A2 sight windage roll pin, the charging handle latch roll pin and the collapsible stock adjustment nut roll pin

o   AR-15/M16 Bolt Catch Roll Pin Punch – installs & removes roll pin that holds the bolt catch in place

o   1/8” Roll Pin Holder – makes it easy to install roll pins

o   3/32” Roll Pin Holder – makes it easy to install roll pins

o   1/16” Roll Pin Holder – makes it easy to install roll pins

·         CAR Stock Wrench – removes the castle nut on a collapsible stock

·         Multi-Tool – removes an A2 stock screw, A2 lower receiver extension, standard barrel nut, and flash hider, and removes the old style CAR stock locking nut

·         Handguard Removal Tool – removes the handguard

·         ¾” Plastic/Brass Hammer

·         A1-A2 Front Sight Post Tool – adjusts front sight post

·         Flat Bladed Screwdriver – removes the pistol grip on mil spec AR

·         Receiver Push Pin Tool –pushes the front pivot pin and the rear take down pin. Also offers a hole to install the front pivot spring & detent

·         Carbon Scrapper – removes carbon from inside the bolt carrier

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