SK AMMO 22LR 40gr LRN MAGAZINE 500/can 10/cs

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SK AMMO 22LR 40gr LRN MAGAZINE 500/can 10/cs
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Product Information


Good and reliable performance when firing at targets or silhouette targets. Ideal for use for all rifle and pistol disciplines.  This is loaded ammunition.

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Finger nail groups

By Ronald B. on Aug 02, 2015
That is little fingernail at fifty yards with CZ Lux 452.

not for cold weather use

By Marty H. on Dec 12, 2014
Opened a fresh can and found the heavy oil people on the forums were talking about. I don't mind THAT. Unfortunately in 30 degree weather the coating Turned to paste. My Marlin 60 which works with almost anything had nothing but fail to loads, fail to ejects and many times would not cycle the bolt. This stuff should be fine with revolver or bolt action. Semi-auto, I'll try some of my stash again in the Summer. I was not impressed with the accuracy of the 70 or so rounds that I did get through the gun. It had at least as many fliers and soft loads as any of the cheapest bulk ammo.

Shoots good packaged bad

By Charlie B. on Jun 22, 2014
Graff's please tape around the can or do something to keep the cans from opening and emptying in the box.These tennis ball style cans come open easily. I ordered two and one opened while in shipping.15% of those rounds were not shootable. These days good .22 rimfire is hard to get so I did not do a return. I will order more when available but please do something about the cans opening in shipping.

Good Stuff!

By William E. on Dec 02, 2013
Midas and Center-X will group tighter, but they cost three times as much. My CZ 452 Style shoots SK Magazine to 1/2" at 50 yds, (bench rested) and that's good enough for most of my needs. I don't mind the excess oil as long as the accuracy remains. Also wishing that I'd stocked up more when it was available, and I hope that Graf gets some more in sometime soon.

great ammo

By Kenneth K. on Nov 28, 2013
Groups 7/8" @ 50 yds with my Pardini SP. No other ammo I have tried including Tenex, Midas+, and Wolf, will do nearly as well. Velocity of my lot was 872 fps (990 rifle equivalent) Eley Match Pistol will probably do as well but is over 2x the price. I have not tested Match Pistol.

True, the oil is a bit messy, but I have never had a misfeed.

SK Magazine ammo

By Gary G. on Oct 09, 2013
This stuff is awesome! I've tried it in four good guns so far (Three anschutz and one 541T), and they have all grouped at their best with this. Wish I had bought more when it was available.

Accurate and reliable

By Clark W. on Aug 20, 2013
I purchased 1000 rounds of this ammo a few months ago simply because it was the only 22lr I could find that was in stock and not insanely priced. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this stuff shoots great in every gun I've tried it in. Even my notoriously picky AMT Lightning fired every round without a hiccup and was as accurate or more so than the CCI MiniMags I normally shoot. This ammo come sealed in a can and coated with an oily film that is messy but which I'm sure helps with long term storage. I dump the rounds out on a paper towel and roll them around on it before loading to remove the majority of the coating.
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