FIOCCHI SLUG 12ga 2.75" RIFLED STEEL 1oz 1630fps 5b 20c

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FIOCCHI SLUG 12ga 2.75" RIFLED STEEL 1oz 1630fps 5b 20c
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Product Information


Introducing Fiocchi’s new Boar and Buck Slayer. The 12 gauge Boar and Buck Slayer slug is a breakthrough for hunters for two reasons.  One, the segmented projectile is engineered to provide extreme tissue disruption in your game (deer, hogs, etc) helping to ensure quick humane kills. Two, the slug contains no lead so it can be used in areas where lead ammunition is prohibited.  The slug is an engineered, specially segmented zinc plated steel projectile encapsulated in a plastic wad to protect your rifled shotgun barrel.  The slug is zinc plated to inhibit rust and corrosion (just like the steel shot in many of our waterfowl/upland bird loads).  Accuracy is excellent with field test firing resulting in 2” groups or less at 75 yards with open sights from fully rifled barrels (do not use in non-rifled barrels or rifled chokes).  Scoped rifled-barrel shotgun hunters will see even better accuracy.  And with a 1 ounce (437 grain) projectile at 1630 feet per second, energy is an impressive 2577 foot pounds at the muzzle.

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