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Add the Universal Charge Bar™ to your MEC Shotshell Reloading Machine and you won't have to spend the $300+ to buy 42 powder bushings and 23 standard charge bars. The Universal Charge Bar™ is infinitly adjustable for all your shotshell reloading needs. 

 Handles all gauges.

Comes with 3 different inserts for steel and lead shot.

Lead shot capacity: ½ oz to 2-¼ oz.

Steel shot capacity: ½ oz to 1-½ oz.

 Powder capacity: 12 grs. to 55 grs.

Includes Powder & Shot chart with 487 settings.

Model "D/DS" Universal Charge Bar™ for progressive MEC Shotshell reloading machines , such as: MEC 650, The Graber, MEC 9000, etc.

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