LC 5.56 (.224) 50gr FRANG BULLET PULL-DOWN 250/bx

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LC 5.56 (.224) 50gr FRANG BULLET PULL-DOWN 250/bx
LC 5.56 (.224) 50gr FRANG BULLET PULL-DOWN 250/bx
LC 5.56 (.224) 50gr FRANG BULLET PULL-DOWN 250/bx

Product Information

These are new pull down bullets from Lake City. It has been previously loaded but pulled. Pull marks may appear on the bullets. It is a lead free, flat base frangible.

Lake City 22 caliber 50gr frangible projectiles are a great general use projectile originally designed for SpecOp's use as it won’t penetrate walls or aircraft hulls. Frangible projectiles are increasingly being used in matches and indoor ranges as it won’t ricochet.
Frangible projectiles are designed to break apart into small pieces upon contact with hard targets to reduce ricochets and limit penetration. It is a non-toxic and lead-free projectile, eliminating hazardous lead exposure for the user and reducing environmental clean-up costs for training ranges.

This is quality Bulk Bullets repackaged by Graf & Sons into reusable plastic boxes. Priced per box of 250. This is not loaded ammunition.

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