SWIFT 45cal (.452) 265gr BULLET AF PISTOL 50/bx

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SWIFT 45cal (.452) 265gr BULLET AF PISTOL 50/bx
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Product Information

The A-Frame, considered by many to be the world’s greatest hunting bullet, mushrooms perfectly and penetrates deeply. A precisely designed jacket wall thickness, combined with a bonded core, and a supporting cross-member contribute to upward of 95 percent weight retention. It is the bullet of choice for any game, anywhere.

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Deep penetration and expansion

By Scott C. on May 26, 2012
Now that Nosler has discontinued making their Handgun Partition Gold bullets, the Swift offerings are the only partition type bullets available for handguns.
I haven't had the chance to see how these perform on game yet, but I was able to get acceptable accuracy from them at 25 yards from my Ruger Blackhawk.
The only down side to these is that -- as with all premium bullets -- they are rather expensive, and certainly a poor choice for target shooting for that reason.
However, would definitely recommend these for hunting big game, where you need a bullet that will expand predictably and guarantees that at least most of the bullet will remain intact enough to drive the expanded frontal portion deep into your quarry for a quick, clean kill.

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