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Turn your progressive press into a bench-mounted ammo factory! This kit represents the ultimate reloading setup for maximum production in shorter sessions.

The Lock-N-Load® Ammo Plant includes the following:

    Lock-N-Load AP Press
    Lock-N-Load AP Pistol Bullet Feeder
    Lock-N-Load AP Case Feeder
    Lock-N-Load AP Die Bushing 10 pack
    Spring Case Retainer 3 pack (x2)
    Large Cartridge Catcher (x3)
    Large Primer Tube Pickup (x3)
    Small Primer Tube Pickup (x3)
    Primer Slide Spring (x2)
    Pistol Metering Insert/Rotor
    Rifle Metering Insert/Rotor
    Powder Cop
    Die Wrench
    Case Activated Powder Drop
    Vintage Tin Sign

Note: Case feeder plates, bullet feeder dies, shellplates, and reloading dies sold separately.

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