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Dillon’s Super Swage 600 mounts to your bench and allows you to swage the primer pockets of military brass with speed and ease. The case is supported from the inside so you won’t be tearing the rims off the brass. A tool steel, hardened swage rod (easy to change from large to small primers) simply rolls the crimp away. No reaming is necessary. Includes both large and small swage rods.

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Wow what a great tool

I spent weeks looking at different tools for working the primer pockets of once fired military brass. I finally settled on the Dillon 600 Super Swage and boy, am I glad I did.

Spending a little time to adjust the case holder I was able to get the primer pockets exactly how I like them (just slightly snug). The rest was easy, 500 once fired military 7.62x51 cases were ready for a new primer in about one hour. You can’t ask for a better made tool for prepping military brass primer pockets.

I highly recommend the Dillon Swage if you are working with military brass.
Written by Tim C. on Mar 30, 2014 at 12pm

An excellent tool

I just got this 2 days ago. I have used it to swage out the crimp on about 200 cases of 223/5.56 brass. This tool works very well. In fact it works PERFECTLY. Some people on other sites have complained but I think they have not adjusted it properly. You want to adjust it so it swages just enough and not too much with a complete throw of the lever. It will feel very light at the end of the throw like you really didn't do much of anything. This is because the tool has A LOT of mechanical advantage with the lever and cam arrangement.

Do this by starting out with a very light swage and trying to set a primer. If it doesn't slide right in then adjust it in just a little bit, 1/8 turn at a time and try again until it is just right. Tighten down the lock nut and go!

I like to feel my primers go in with a little resistance and a firm seat. That way I know they are no going to fall out.

This tool is worth every penny it costs. It is MUCH faster to use than those ones that mount in a press and built to last a lifetime.

I would recommend it to a friend and would buy it all over again.
Written by Gregory J. on Nov 20, 2013 at 6pm

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