FEDERAL AMMO 12ga 3" BL-CLOUD 1635fps 1-1/8 #2 25b 10c

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FEDERAL AMMO 12ga 3" BL-CLOUD 1635fps 1-1/8 #2 25b 10c
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Product Information

Move over standard steel, there’s a new non-tox in town. Black Cloud featuring the FLITECONTROL® wad and FLITESTOPPER™ steel is unlike any other steel shot ever introduced. The FLITECONTROL wad tightens patterns for long-range effectiveness and FLITESTOPPER steel shot pellets wreak havoc on unsuspecting waterfowl. This product will change the way you view standard steel ammunition. Drop Ducks Like Rain™ with Black Cloud FS Steel. This is loaded ammunition.


Available Rebates

Federal Ducks, Bucks or Dekes

Offer valid on purchases made Jul 27, 2018 through Dec 31, 2018. Rebate request must be submitted by Jan 1, 2019.

Option 1 Rebate Only: Purchase a minimum of 2 boxes of Federal Premium® Black Cloud® ammunition and receive $5 back per box. Max of $100.
Option 2 Decoys Only: Purchase 10 boxes of Federal Premium Black Cloud and receive 12 decoys or purchase 20 boxes of Federal Premium Black Cloud and receive 24 decoys. Max of 24 Decoys ($158.90 value). *Canadian residents will receive a check for this offer only. No decoys will be shipped to Canada.
Option 3 Rebate AND Decoys: Purchase 10 boxes of Black Cloud and receive a 12 pack of decoys AND purchase an additional 1-10 boxes of Black Cloud and receive $5/box. Max of 12 decoys ($79.45 value) and $50.
(Offer excludes Black Cloud® TSS ammunition)

Receive up to 24 Final Approach® Standard Floating Mallard decoys (Item 475005FA 12 pack value $79.45, 2 - 12 packs value $158.90) or up to a $100 cash back.

Product must be purchased between 7/27/2018 through 12/31/2018.

DEADLINE for mail in or online submission 1/31/2019

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