CCI AMMO 22LR 40gr QUIET SUBSONIC 710fps 50b 100c

CCI AMMO 22LR 40gr QUIET SUBSONIC 710fps 50b 100c
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Product Information

Set your 22 to stealth mode with CCI® Quiet-22™. It is ideal for bolt-action and single-shot 22 LR rifles, and generates 75 percent less perceived noise than standard velocity 22 LR rounds. It is perfect for areas where noise may be a problem and is ideal for introducing youth to the shooting sports.

  • 75 percent reduction in the perceived noise of standard velocity 22 Long Rifle loads
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Low velocity

NOTE: These cartridges may be used in semi-automatic firearms, however manual cycling of the action may be required. Do not use in barrels over 24″ in length.

This is loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Technical Notes

Caliber:  22 LR

Bullet Weight:  40

Muzzle Velocity:  710

Bullet Style:  Lead Round Nose

Ballistic Coefficient:  .120

Package Quantity:  50

Usage:  Target Shooting

Read 9 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

Great ammo for young or beginning shooters!

By Tommy I. on Dec 24, 2019
I've used this round for teaching my young grandson the basics of shooting a single-shot .22 rifle. The report is very mild & does not alarm him nor cause him to flinch, which is a bad habit to learn. The ammo is incredibly accurate, even at 50 yards. It makes teaching a young, new shooter a pleasant & rewarding job.

Very neat idea

By Kevin K. on Jun 15, 2019
I got these to use in the backyard on cans, clays, etc. Point of aim accuracy out of my Henry pump and golden boy out to about 25-30 yards(I didn't try farther). No ear pro needed. It may attract neighbor attention, as it's not a colibri...a tad louder. Noise is comparable to someone hammering a board. I liked them.

very quiet

By Joel Dean H. on Mar 20, 2019
also will cycle through many of my semi-autos (ruger 10-22)

cci quiet

By Dave K. on Mar 08, 2019
live in area with houses all around...shoot them with a suppressor and no one notices my squirrel population going down,,,,,,

Quiet and accurate

By Todd P. on Nov 29, 2018
Perfect for small game. The quiet report does not disturb other potential targets and accuracy at short range is adequate for a well placed head shot.

Excellent Specialized Ammo

By Hudson B. on Sep 06, 2018
I have been using the CCI .22 LR Quiet ammo for years with a scoped bolt action rifle, and it is as quiet as a pellet rifle. Longest kill on a ground squirrel was 76 yards, but I recommend this ammo be kept for shots for 40 yards & under for larger pests. Accuracy is acceptable with a properly sighted scope, but I would recommend a scope with a mildot or bullet drop reticle for shots over 40 yards. - Silvertip

watch out for long barrels.

By Boone B. on Jan 02, 2018
This product works great in standard length barrels (less than 24"). Very quiet! You shouldn't try these in longer barrels as I have had several fail to exit the barrel. Subsonic ammo seems to work better in longer barrels.

Surprisingly accurate

By Jason C. on Jun 23, 2012
I ordered a brick of these cartridges just to try out here around the house. They are really quiet and accurate. We have a starling problem here and I have really reduced the numbers with these rounds. More than once I have had multiple kills because the other birds weren't scared off by the report. We live on 6.5 acres with nothing but woods and hillside behind us but we have some close neighbors to the front and I am more comfortable shooting these as not to alarm everyone. --Jason "Buffalo"

Surprised by how quiet!

By Robert C. on Jun 17, 2012
I was curious to see how "quiet" this ammo actually was. I was quite surprised. This stuff is REALLY quiet, in fact, cycling the bolt on my Savage Mark II and the action on my Ruger 10/22, seemed to be louder then the actual firing of the round. The power seems to be pretty decent also. I might be able to get that raccoon that tries to eat my koi at 2-3am without waking my neighbors, my pellet gun doesn't seem to cut it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quiet .22 round! - Robert
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