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Product Information


Cheddite is the largest producer of shotgun hulls in the world.  Imported from France, they are straight-walled which requires the use of wads designed for straight-walled hulls which are available from a number of manufacturers including Claybuster, Federal, and Downrange.

Fully reloadable, primed hulls. This is not loaded ammunition.

Technical Notes


Gauge:  24ga

Length:  2.5"

Color:  Red

Material:  Plastic

Brass Height:  8mm (low)

Skived:  No

Primer:  Cheddite 209

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Loading for the .577 Snider

By Robert W. on Jun 20, 2013
These hulls worked great with a .600 round ball over black powder in my old Snider-Enfield. Cut 1/2" off the end and 3F will do nicely. The ball pushes in with your thumb. Top it off with lube and shoot it. Turned an expensive gun to shoot into a cheap gun to shoot. Accuracy was good-first time out, four shots tore one hole at 25 yards, about 1 1/2". Held true with a 3" group at 50 yards.

Drawback is they're pretty much a use 'em once and toss 'em item, but at the price, it's still a cheap shoot.
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