ACP BULLET 30(.308) 130gr 100% COPPER-CNC 50/BX

ACP BULLET 30(.308) 130gr 100% COPPER-CNC 50/BX
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Product Information

Each bullets is 100% copper and individually CNC machined, not pressed or drawn, and tested on game, not media or gelatin.  Whether you are shooting paper, game, or professionally.

If you have any questions concerning ballistics or construction, please contact, [email protected]

Savage Corporation 10201 N. Enterprise Drive, Mequon, WI.  53092.

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Winning Combo

By Lynn G. on Dec 18, 2015
The picture at the right is of a three shot group shot with a Kimber 84M .308 Win at 200 yards today. The bullets are touching! I am a master reloader, the owner of SafeSide, LLC a commercial ammunition company. I load a lot of custom rifle ammunition for hunters and have been intrigued by the unique design of the ACP Bullets. I have also been curious about the Vectan rifle powders, so I decided to do some testing of both. The picture shows a 1/2” group shot at 200 yards with 130gr ACP Sidewinders, Nobel Sport Vectan TU-3000 powder and new Prvi Partizan brass. I can’t wait see what these do on Elk and Deer. Thanks for picking up this line, I think you have a real winner here!
Lynn Garnand
SafeSide, LLC
Twin Lakes, WI

130 gr acp in the field

By Shooter2 S. on Oct 27, 2015
Have been using these outstanding new projectiles in my 308win with great results. I have used most makes and types of projectiles out there. This pill performs with consistancy i want on deer pigs and goats, shot after shot, i get great accuracy and internal damage by the expanding pill is the best i have had in a premium hunting projectiles.ihave every confidence in taking the game i hunt from any angle, the three razor sharp petals have no peers. I also use these in my 300win mag, for spectacular one shot kills.there is a 155 gr also, i highly suggest you give them a try, money well spent and meat on the table. If your not happy with them, ACP offer a full refumd who else would do that????
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