Annealing Made Perfect Mark II Induction Annealer with Aztec 110 Volt

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Annealing Made Perfect Mark II Induction Annealer with Aztec 110 Volt
Annealing Made Perfect Mark II Induction Annealer with Aztec 110 Volt
Annealing Made Perfect Mark II Induction Annealer with Aztec 110 Volt
Annealing Made Perfect Mark II Induction Annealer with Aztec 110 Volt
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Product Information

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The MARK II model has the following improvements:

  • Larger inductor to suit 50 BMG.
  • Capable of annealing everything from .17 Hornet to 50 BMG.
  • Significantly more output power.
  • Ceramic heat shield in the inductor to aid in heat management.
  • Superior cooling allowing near indefinite run time on smaller cases such as 223.
  • User replaceable pilot boss should the existing one get damaged.
  • An increase on the Warranty from one year to 3 years.
  • AZTEC MODE included and ready to use.
  • Existing STANDARD program range expanded and updated.


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Annealing Made Perfect

By Steve E. on Nov 08, 2018
After waiting five months to take delivery of this unit, I can attest that it was well worth the wait. In the interim, I used a fellow shooters Mk I machine. Although a very good product, the MkII w/Aztec is far superior. Aztec is very easy to use and provides superior information.

Annealing Made Perfect

By Joe C. on Nov 07, 2018
Awesome machine - awesome customer service !! Alex and company take the guesswork out of annealing and swiftly respond to your inquiries. Fast and efficient machine worth buying if your really serious about your reloading/shooting results.

Excellent and well thought out product !!

By Milan P. on Oct 30, 2017
Alex and family at AMP designed a superb tool with brains if you like. The amount of effort, thought and ingenuity that went in to Annealing Made Perfect is nothing short of amazing! If you have a brass that you want annealed you don't have to guess now. Just enter the appropriate number that Alex and AMP have figured out for us and you are on the way. If I go slowly I anneal on average of 100 cases of 6.5 cm in 15 min literally . And when I'm done I'm trying to find more cases to anneal, weird huh :)) ? I have my annealer now for few months and no issues. The only guilty feeling I have is that I should have reviewed it sooner so more people don't have to guess anymore if it's annealed or not. Push the button and in 3-4 seconds your case is perfectly annealed . Thank you AMP for making me more accurate consistently! And Grafs did a great job in packaging and answering all my questions before the purchase. Invest with confidence !

Annealing Made Perfect

By Gregory G. on Jan 15, 2017
I received my Annealing Made Perfect machine and other was packaged very well...couldn't have asked for better....I have used it to anneal ever piece of brass I had and the machine works flawlessly.....I absolutely love it!! I live out of an rv about 7 months of the year for work and it's in the camper with me now..being able to use it in the camper was the biggest selling point to me...I also work with heat induction at work...and it works great....Absolutely love this machine!!
Graf & Sons let me know when it came in...they held off shipping on my request because I was out of town....and shipped exact day they said they would...Great experience!
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