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Item #:PPB323FMJ124
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Product Information

Prvi Partizan was founded in 1928 and today produces over 350 types of rifle, pistol , revolver and small arms ammunition. Prvi Partizan bulk bullets feature a lead core and copper jacket. Imported from Serbia.

This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 13 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.8 stars

8mm .323 Mauser

By Doug B. on Sep 07, 2023
I mostly shoot 198 gr FMJ.
I bought this by mistake,
I love it ,very low recoil hit the target at 100 yards
Fast flyer 2700 Fpm flat Trajectory.
Definitely buying more.

Great for low recoil loads

By James P. on Mar 25, 2023
I use these in a low recoil load for vintage rifle matches. Work great and shoot fine in my Mauser


By Allen G. on Nov 01, 2022
These projectiles and the ppu brass make a very nice combo

.310 Australian cadet rounds

By Jay F. on Oct 28, 2022
Perfect for turning .32-20 into the .310 cadet round.

You're buying 50, not 100

By David B. on Feb 03, 2022
As of this review, the product picture and price per bullet are wrong (it depicts 100 bullets). However, I received a packet of 50 bullets. Just be aware some parts of this listing are in error.

Great bullet at a great price

By Robert G. on Sep 18, 2020
These are perfect for loading 8mm Kurz. I will be buying more!

8mm Projectiles

By James P. on Jun 30, 2020
These are really an excellent round for me, I shoot in a group, once a month, that shoot only WWII rifles or older and these produce good results on a regular bases. I have come out on top or in the top three a good number of the times.
Great product at a good price.

great for mauser rifles

By Paul L. on May 25, 2020
I been using these for loading in mauser rifles. Makes a wonderful low recoil load for wife and kids to shoot. Makes a good traing load for going from 22lr to high power rifle without causing the flinch problem.

Great for plinking!

By Phill H. on Mar 21, 2020
I reload for my Yugo M24/47 Mauser, and these make great bullets for a day at the range.

These were meant for firearms chambered in 7.92x33kurz, so they were built for reliable chambering and being cost effective. Despite having a slight boat-tail, these are not meant for long-range shooting - 8mm is too large of a diameter in respect to the 124gr weight.

That said, they're still a quality bullet. I find that the meplats are uniform, and that the overall length of my cartridges varies only by a couple thousands when I have finished loading. That's very good!

In terms of accuracy, I haven't found anything to complain about - as I order more of these bullets I plan on putting them through the paces of seeing what powder I have works the best.

Great product

By Ronald P. on Jan 27, 2020
I have loaded & shot 1000's of these thru my MP44 without any issues.

These bullets are hollow base

By Frank H. on Sep 28, 2019
It may make no difference to the users and they fly just fine but for some loading machinery it can be an issue. The bullets have a hollow base rather than what the picture shows.

Great bullets, great price

By Steve S. on May 26, 2019
Graf’s has the best price for 8mm Kurz bullets. Makes feeding my MP43 much cheaper!

Great for low recoil 8mm Mauser.

By Patrick R. on Aug 06, 2018
Currently I use these bullets to load in 8x57 when I want a low recoil load. Waiting for the H&M Stg44 and then will use in 8x33. Nice bullet shoots accurately.
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