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Item #:BF1097879
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Product Information

  • Easy-to-adjust integral "floating" shell-holder plate system
  • Quick-change, standard 7/8"-14 reloading die system
  • Spent-primer catcher and includes 3 cast aluminum die blocks
  • Loads small - magnum pistol or rifle sized cases
  • 2 parallel guide rods for stability and integrated LED light to see work area

Read 11 Reviews - Average Rating: 3.6 stars

Alignment is off

By Nathan N. on Jun 19, 2020
The "universal shell holder" is not in alignment with the die bodies. I have to pull the brass as it's coming up to go into my dies, and then the brass will bind in the die causing concentricity issues, otherwise the press is smooth and effortless and pretty handy to place anywhere on the bench with just a couple C clamps. Not sure if I got a lemon or not, but I will be sending it in.

Great Press but not Made in USA

By Dwight L. on Jun 09, 2020
Great press with self-aligning collar blocks and convenient light. Unlike the similar Coax, there is no bottom intrusion with the M Press's action. This is convenient if you plan on using the press on a desktop instead of bolting on the side of a bench.
Too bad it is Made in China. This is problematic on two fronts. #1 Many of us prefer to buy American rather than send our money to the US's rival. #2 Even if you don;t care about that, the retail price isn't any cheaper than competing products which are all Made in USA.

Great press

By William P. on May 29, 2020
Just got this press about a week ago and so far I'm impressed by the quality and durability of it. So far no alignment issues as I've seen mentioned. I would recommend it to anybody asking.


By Jim F. on May 28, 2020
Had a hard time with the shells lining up with the dies. The shell holder came off do to small screws.
Great concept, but not quite right.

Great concept, poor quality control

By James K. on May 18, 2020
Let me start by saying that Graf and sons customer service is great, they have been very accommodating through my press issues. The M press has some major issues that you may consider before purchasing one. The guide columns are massive but the movable platform has excessive play, the holes in the platform have about six thousands of play, very sloppy fit. The shell holder also has a allot of play, all this doesn't matter at all if you are only reloading rifle calibers but matters greatly when reloading pistol calibers. This press is incapable of sizing 9mm brass if you just place a cartridge and pull the handle. It will crush a 9mm shell EVERY time if you don't assist it in to the die. The cartridge/die alignment is just horrible. Graf set me up with the Frankford factory rep and he proceeded to tell me I have to "assist" every cartridge into the die so I told him I'm sending it back. Save yourself some trouble, don't buy one of these Chinese coax presses , I did not realize that this press was made in China before ordering. So I learned my lesson and purchased a Forster co ax. Buy once cry once.

M-Press coaxial

By Matthew P. on May 13, 2020
Wow! I finally decide to upgrade my single stage broken Herters press(thanks to movers). I am extremely impressed. So impresses that I bought a second one from grafs. They are extremely heavy duty and will outlast me for sure. The reversible cam over feature is great when using Lee factory crimping dies. I never knew the built in lights could be so handy. Only thing missing is primer seating. I still give these 5/5.

Franford Arsenal M press

By Joshua S. on May 05, 2020
I have been reloading for over 20 years and this is the best press I have ever used.

Frankford m-press

By Steven S. on Apr 22, 2020
Awesome product, takes minutes to setup, works wonderfully. Smooth operation and the light is a great plus.

Frankford Arsenal M-press

By Anar G. on Apr 07, 2020
Great product overall. Literally took just several minutes to get used to it after setup. If your not wanting to just jump into a progressive press then this is great press to start reloading with. This is my first press and I’m looking forward to put it to good use!! And thank you Grafs for having it available at a low price! Definitely the cheapest place I’ve found it on.

Great Press

By Bill H. on Jun 05, 2019
Recently purchased this press and I’m happy so far. I have used it to load my 243 shells and haven’t had an issue. Heavy built, LED light is a plus. Would purchase again.

quality bad

By Richard P. on Apr 22, 2019
just received this press from Graf & son and it is the poorest quality product I have perched the 9mm or any other pistol cartridge will not line up with the die, it hits the bottom of the die. I have contacted the manufacture about this and have got no response at all so buyer beware and I hope Graf drops this from there line of products.
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