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Fiocchi Hull 410ga 3" 16mm Primed Red Bag of 100

Fiocchi Hull 410ga 3" 16mm Primed Red Bag of 100
Item #:FCH4103
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Product Information

  • Color: Red
  • Top Edge: Skived
  • Gauge: 410
  • Length: 3"
  • Brass: 0.630" (16mm)
  • Primed
  • Headstamp: "Fiocchi 36 Italy"


WARNING: Handling primers and lead shot will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer.

Read 26 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

3" 410 fiocchi

By Garry B. on Apr 14, 2023
Great product will buy more

Fiocchi 3" 410 Hull

By Bob B. on Feb 17, 2023
Loaded with # 6 shot, Excellent patten.

Great hulls.

By Richard P. on Feb 04, 2023
Great hulls. Loads easily. Versatile load options from bird shot to home defense. Goes through my pump shotgun smoothly and does the job well. Expect to be able to reload many times.

Extreme longevity...with some tweaking!!

By Adalberto R. on Feb 02, 2023
I purchased 200 .410 hulls and reloaded just 10 to determined longevity. The hulls are red, straight walled and have a white base wad (polyformed) in the European fashion but appear to be well made and uniform. The headstamp is “Fiocchi” “Italy” and two “36” across. They are skived and beveled helping the reloading by hand process and roll crimping. Caveat: I only load using data from Hodgdon Manual, roll crimp with a PRI roll crimper and OS cards, and CB WAA410-HS wads with No.6 Lawrence mag shot, no single stage or progressive machines were used. The hulls come primed with FIO 616 primers, which are normally a tad smaller in diameter that American made primers. I use a light dab of imperial sizing wax on the mouths before crimping and it seems to help a lot on the look and tightness of the crimp. I loaded the first 10 hulls six times at 11/16 oz before the mouths were cracked enough to be trimmed. Once the mouths were split, I trimmed the cases to 2 ¾ and loaded them at 5/8 oz following the same recipe, I got three more firings before I needed to trim them to 2 ½ inch and the primer pockets were a bit loose but tight enough to hold a FIO 616, but I switched to Fed 209A which fit perfect at that time. At 2 ½ in, I loaded the proper recipe for ½ oz shot and got three more firings out of them before the primer pockets were too loose to be safe. I am not a skeet or trap shooter, mostly backyard clays and tin can but we hunt partridge mostly with 410’s. I believe that 12 firing is enough from a hull even if it needs to be trimmed. Your milage may very but I hope this helps if you are thinking about purchasing some.

Service & Quality

By William B. on Feb 01, 2023
Subject says it all .
Great service and good quality on all copper shot and primed hulls .

Good product and fast shipping

By Jonathan P. on Jan 28, 2023
These 3” 410 are good quality and I would buy again

3" 410 hulls Fiocchi

By Darwin G. on Jan 27, 2023
Great find at a time when there just isn't any to be found. These crimp and reload wonderful --- "Bonas" they come already primed. Graf's is the Best all around

Fiocchi .410 hulls

By Joseph B. on Jan 27, 2023
Great hulls to work with. They are however made of unobtainium, so if you see them in stock; order them! Seriously though, I use them for tss loads for turkey season and for this they are excellent. I have only used them for one load recipe so my use of them is limited, but they seem to pattern extremely well out of my various .410 shotguns, both fixed choke and screw in choked barrels. I will definitely be buying again.

Fiocchi 3” 410 hulls

By Tom R. on Jan 24, 2023
Graf and sons is an awesome company to deal with always accurate and on time delivery. Keep up the great work!!

Great Hull for loading tss turkey loads!!!

By Steven R. on Jan 24, 2023
The tps non toxic .410 wad fits tighter in the hulls than some of the others, and they sure roll up purdy!!!!

Fiocchi 3" 410 Hulls

By John H. on Jan 24, 2023
These 3" Hulls are great hulls for reloading! Graf &Sons are so easy to deal with! Great customer service and fast shipping! As always thank you!

Fiocchi 3" 410 hull

By Steve D. on Jan 09, 2023
Great 3" hull. Long crimp life. Have some that have been reloaded 10 times and crimp looks like the second even with Lilgun powder steel shot loads.

Fiocchi primed .410 Hulls 3"

By Robert H. on Oct 20, 2020
New, primed, and ready to load. What's not to like at this price?


By John C. on Sep 14, 2020
Once I figured out a load with Hull and wad - worked well (H110 powder and #7.5 shot)

I have gotten at least 3 or 4 reloads so far ( I DON"T put max charge )

410 hull

By Zack T. on Sep 04, 2020
I have used a lot of these hulls. Always performed flawless. Great quality!

Great product glad to have received them

By Bruce S. on Sep 01, 2020
Great product ,just what I ordered and needed them badly

3" Fiocchi .410 hull

By Willis A. on Aug 25, 2020
I tried these hulls this year for the first time when hulls became hard to get. They have proved to be great to work with and make a beautiful crimp which is hard to obtain in a 410 reload. I was very happy with the results and ordered a second batch.

Fiocchi Hull 410ga 3" 16mm Primed

By Wade E B. on Jul 27, 2020
Great hull, Like i said about Fiocchi 12 ga. hull, just got to resize primer pocket if not using Fiocchi primers

3" Fiocchi .410 hull

By TN Z. on Jul 23, 2020
Great product, easy to work with though with .410 must watch what you're doing. Best part is Graf's is easy to work with, very prompt shipping and fair pricing.

fiocchi 3 inch hulls

By Kevin D. on Jul 06, 2020
Great hulls can be trimmed to 2'5 inch .

3" Fiocchi 410 hulls

By Robert F. on Jun 30, 2020
Previously I used 3 inch Cheddite 410 hulls. These hulls load just as well using the same recipe. The price is good too. No problems at all.

fiocchi hulls load great

By Walter K. on Jun 18, 2020
410 hulls are hard to find , buy these.

Just what I needed

By Anthony B. on Jun 05, 2020
I couldn't find any 2 1/2 hulls so got these and cut them down. Worked like a charm. Thanks Guys!!

Great hulls...

By Richard S. on Jun 05, 2020
Even with the covid shutdown the order arrived on time.. will be ordering again...

Nice hulls

By Joseph L. on May 27, 2020
These are very nice hulls to work with. They come primed and ready to go. Powder manufacturers are starting to list more loads for use with Fiocchi hulls so that is a good thing. The cost from Graf's is attractive. They load easily. I both roll crimp and fold crimp and these hulls work well with either technique. Shipping cost was very nice.

Fiocchi 3" 410 Hull

By Stanley H. on May 08, 2020
Great 410 3" hull. There a little thicker than most but work great for someone who handloads as I do.
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