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Volume Discounts

Important Information

All programs and prices are subject to change without notice. To receive the "Volume Dealer" prices on this website, you must possess a valid FFL, or a valid tax resale license for a business related to the shooting sports industry. All prices listed on this website have cash discounts included, which cannot be earned by using a credit/debit card. Call for pricing if using a credit card. To maintain Dealer status you must purchase a minimum of $2,000 annually. Some volume discounts listed below may not be applicable to some prices on our website due to special or sale pricing.

Volume Freight Program

  • Order must be shipped to a commercial address.
  • Graf's will select the shipping method. Customer is responsible for the difference if requesting another shipping method or specific carrier.
  • Minimum order requirements subject to stock on hand.
  • No COD's allowed.
  • Some sale products & promotions may be excluded from Volume Freight Program
  • Due to the prices of fuel, there will be an additional fuel surcharge.
  • Powder - 100lbs of powder is the maximum allowed per “Minimum Order”. An additional 110lbs (100-1.1lb) of Nobel Sport Powder only, may be added per minimum order. If the “Minimum Order” is doubled, an additional 100lbs of powder is allowed.
  • Additional powder quantities (other than Nobel Sport Powder) must be ordered in 96-100lb multiples.
  • No individual powder containers larger than 8lbs allowed.
  • Shot & Ammo - You may only have 250lbs of shot and a combined total of 25 cases of target loads and/or wads per "Minimum Order".
  • A per bag surcharge, depending on zone, applies to shot.
  • Other Restrictions - Due to insurance restrictions by truck lines, no optics over $200 may be included on truck orders.

Field Ammo Program

Purchase $4,000 of mixed ammo, any brand, except target shotgun loads, and receive case pricing (5% off box price). $4,000 qualifying purchase must be placed on one order. Through 2017, all reorders of any quantity will receive case price.

Optics Program

Purchase $5,000 of optics, mounts or rings and receive a 4% discount on the optics and a 6% discount on the mounts and rings. $5,000 qualifying purchase must be placed on one order and must contain a minimum of five optics. Through 2017, all reorders of any quantity will receive these discounts.

Graf Powder Special

Purchase 100lbs of smokeless or 100lbs of black powder and we will ship to a commercial address anywhere in the 1st 48 states for only $80.00. This includes hazardous & freight. All 100lbs must be in stock. You may add up to an additional 110lbs (100 - 1.1lb) of Nobel Sport Powder only, with each $80 shipment. No COD allowed. No individual powder containers larger than 8lbs. No additional discounts apply. You may add up to 150lbs of other products to be included with the 100lbs of powder. In order to purchase BLACK POWDER we must have a signed, original copy of the Dealer’s Class 29 FFL on file.

Nobel Sport Powder Special

Purchase 110lbs (100 - 1.1lb) and we will ship to a commercial address for only $50. This includes hazardous and freight. Purchase 220lbs (200 - 1.1lb) and we will ship to a commercial address freight and hazardous paid ($0). All 110lbs or 220lbs must be in stock.

Graf Truck Shipments

We have bi-weekly deliveries to St. Louis and monthly deliveries to Chicago, Central IL, Eastern KS, Southwestern MO, and Western KY, TN and Western IN. Please see for complete details or call 800-531-2666.

Dropships - Freight Paid By Mfg

No COD on dropshipments.

Must be shipped to a commercial address. Some items may be excluded from these discounts.

Fiocchi - 200 case Minimum – Target Loads 4%, All Else – 6%

Lee Products - $1,700 Minimum – 6%

Eagle Shot – 1720 bags per container, 80 bags per pallet. Please call for current pricing.

Volume Discount Programs

The volume discounts below apply to shippable quantities only. Products that are backordered will not receive the discount unless they qualify at the time of shipment.

Boxed Bullets - Any brand, any mix:
25 boxes - 2%, 50 boxes - 3%, 100 boxes - 4%

Die Sets & Shellholders - Purchase any 15 dies/die sets or 15 shellholders / shellplates - 5% (Conversion and other kits excluded.)

Field Ammo - Purchase in case lots - 5%

Gun Care Products, Chemicals & Lubricants - Purchase in case lots - 10%

MTM Case Guard & Berry Ammo Boxes - Purchase MTM or Berry boxes in case lots - 10%

Primers - Any brand, any mix (case lots) 10 case shipment - 2%, 25 case shipment - 3%, 50 case shipment - 4%

Reloading Equipment - Purchase $750 of reloading equipment on one order - 3% Excludes all items over $300, items over $300 do not apply to the $750.

Wads - Any brand, any mix (case lots) 10 cases - 2%, 25 cases - 3%

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