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The rifle carried across the Great Plains by western pioneers and fur trappers was the culmination of percussion firearms development. This “Great Plains” rifle was designed and built by such famous makers as Hawken, Gemmer and Demick to the specifications of experienced backwoodsmen. Only the best and most reliable designs and finest workmanship were acceptable. Today, as in the 1800’s, the experienced black powder shooter is looking for a very special rifle. No other factory rifle offers the authentic style and design of Lyman’s Great Plains Rifle. This classic muzzleloader offers such high quality features as a 32" barrel with 1 in 32" twist for patched ball and hunting loads, double set triggers, Hawken style percussion “snail” with clean out screw, separate ramrod entry thimble and nose cap, and reliable coil spring lock with correct lock plate. Factory assembled.  NOTE: Peep sight not included.

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great rifle

By Brandon A. on Nov 15, 2013
Bought this rifle recently as my first black powder rifle for muzzle loader season in VA. My intentional testing(and first time with black powder) at the range resulted in 1 1/2 " groups at 50yds prior to the hunt utilizing hornandy 300gr sst sabot/slug combo (also sold by G&S). In the field it proved to be a good rifle despite having iron sights and no sling. Failed to harvest a deer but that was my fault, not the rifle's. The fit and finish are very good. The adjustable double set triggers is a nice touch as well. The rear iron sight is somewhat rough in elevation adjustments and had a few burs left over from the punching process. No biggie if you have a jewellers file. The one thing I would have to say I disliked was that the curved steel plate is uncomfortable but only because it was designed to be used by the average sized male. I'm 6'6'' 255 lbs and it fit me extremely poorly and I had to fab an adapter out of copper and maple to make it a good solid flat butt design. I'm quite used to things not fitting me so all in a fine rifle for the price. Even looks good hanging over my door. NOTE:Lyman designed this rifle for conicals. A very helpful rep advised me to not even attempt patch and ball in this tight twist. Instead buy a slow twist rifle if I ever want to shoot ball bullets.
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