P.H. BORE GUIDE 308/3006/ 270..REMINGTON/WINCHESTER/R-77/S-110..

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P.H. BORE GUIDE 308/3006/ 270..REMINGTON/WINCHESTER/R-77/S-110..
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Product Information

Machined from solid Delrin. 100% solvent resistant. Designed to align the cleaning rod with the center of the rifles bore insuring that no damage can be done by a jag or brush. Guides feature a silicone "O" ring seal that seals off the chamber and insures that no solvent can run back into the action or trigger. For best results, use with optional Solvent Ports, sold separately.

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Great Accessory

By Joseph D. on Feb 09, 2019
This product makes cleaning so much easier. Half the trouble with conventional cleaning is keeping the rod straight, and this tool eliminates all of the guesswork. Currently using in a Savage Model 11 308 Win.

So good that it should be considered essential

By Scott C. on Aug 23, 2015
I bought this bore guide for my Ruger M77 .30-06, with Possum Hollows solvent port, and after using it, I can say that I'm really glad I did.
The bore guide's primary purpose is to prevent the cleaning rod centered in the bore and away from rubbing against the rifling.
It does that very nicely, and it also has an o-ring that seals up the breech area to prevent oil and solvent from running into the receiver area.
I was also pleased to see that this guide also supports the cleaning rod, which in turn made it considerably easier to push the brush and jag through the bore, significantly easier than trying to cleaning without a guide at all.
It's also nice to see that the construction of the guide is really solid, made of precision machined Delrin.
For anyone wanting to know, this bore guide combined with the solvent port are just over 11" long, which will necessitate a cleaning rod at least as long as your barrel, plus an additional 11".
My Ruger has a 22" barrel, and my cleaning rod is 36", so I have room to spare.
The nice thing is that, even if you have one of the Weatherby Mark V rifles with a 26" barrel, you'll still be okay using this bore guide and solvent port together, just as long as your cleaning rod is at least 36", which also happens to be the most common length for cleaning rods.
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