SPEER 30 (.308) 125gr TNT BULLET VALUE-PACK 500/bx

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SPEER 30 (.308) 125gr TNT BULLET VALUE-PACK 500/bx
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Product Information

Varmint shooting is a demanding sport. Tiny targets at long ranges test the shooter's skill, equipment, and ammo. That's why we make TNT bullets. Starting with thin, precision jackets, we add internal fluting and a dead-soft lead core to ensure complete bullet disruption. We finish the forming with a long ogive and a small hollow point. This gives us the ballistic coefficients needed for long shots. In fact, TNT's coefficients rival those of similar boat tail bullets. Accuracy and great terminal performance. This is not loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Read 20 Reviews - Average Rating: 5 stars

Great Deal!

By Judd H. on Oct 12, 2019
Great deal, particularly given the Speer rebate that's available. Can't wait to send these down range!

Speer 300 BLK Bullets

By Dennis S. on Oct 07, 2019
I've loaded and like both the 125 TNT and 130 HP Varmint bullets and both shoot well and are reasonably priced ... Plus Speer has a Rebate Deal if Ya buy more than a $100 worth of their bullets. ;-)

Great bullet for reduced recoil 1/2 MOA accuracy

By Gregory W. on Sep 29, 2019
I use these for reduced recoil plinking loads using H4895 and am getting 1/2 MOA 5 shot groups at 100 yards. Consult with Hodgdon to get the youth/reduced loads. Have found that if I load the ogive of the bullet 0.010" off of the rifling, I get the best results. Much cheaper than the Sierra 125 GK, which are also accurate.

Great 300BO bullet

By Matthew K. on Jul 22, 2019
A quality product that works for me in my 300BO application. If this bullet is the style and weight you are looking for I would recommend trying them you just might be surprised by the results.

Another endorsement for this 125g Pill...

By Steve D. on Jun 21, 2019
My old Remington 700 PSS loves this bullet! Great fun ringing the steel gongs!

Great reasonably priced bullets

By Johnny A. on Jun 05, 2019
Bought these for making inexpensive 300 blackout ammo. For me these are great for supersonic rounds, accuracy is good from a 7.5 in 1:7 twist barrel (bullet would probably do better in a different barrel) but it can still do 2inches at 100 yards with a no magnification red dot sight. Hollow point is just a bonus in case I want to dispatch a varmint, other than that it's just range ammo. I would and have purchased these again.

Great for M1

By Clinton R. on May 01, 2019
I use these bullets as my bulk metered load for 200 yard garand matches. It is a very accurate bullet combined with moderate loads of h4895 not to mention low recoil.

Great bullet, great price

By Sanford S. on Mar 13, 2019
Shoots perfect in both the Blackout, and in light loads for the Garand.

Speer 125Gr Hp

By Glenn D. on Jan 24, 2019
Great Bullets For My 30-06,Speer Quality And Bargain Price

Awesome bullets

By John R. on Jan 21, 2019
These functioned and grouped great in my 300 blk when loaded with lil gun. Hits with a punch down range!

Great bullets for any 7.62 caliber

By Jose G. on Jan 21, 2019
I have always kept a stock of these bullets and get more when they are on special, I use them in 30-06, 308, 7.36 X 39 and 300 Blackout, they are super accurate out of my M1A with IMR4064. Best 308 bullets for the price.

Super sub sonic bullet

By Randall F. on Jan 18, 2019
These bullets are the least expensive of the 308 class. They drill wholes touching or inside the same whole. Super explosive. I shoot them out of a savage with tite Group and they are super accurate.
Great savings in bulk. Waiting for them to have them again!

Best .300 BO round for the money

By Jory H. on Dec 26, 2018
These are my go to .300 BO round. For cost and performance they are hard to beat. Accuracy is easy over a wide range of subsonic and supersonic velocities.

Prefect for 300 BLK

By Dustin S. on Dec 12, 2018
They are really accurate.

Use this for 7.62x40 Wilson

By Brian M. on Nov 26, 2018
This is the go to bullet, for the Wilson. Hard to find in bulk. So when 500# lots came in. Bought 2 of them. This is the round the 300Blackout should of been. 200 fps faster.. Easy to make from 223 brass

Speer 125 TNT bullets

By Ray J. on Nov 21, 2018
These work great in 308 and 300 Blackout...economical and accurate.

Great bullet in my 308 Garand

By Martin D. on Nov 15, 2018
I have shot everything from 110 grains to 175 grains in my 308 Garand. Out to 300 yards, these are hard to beat.

300blk plinking

By Michael K. on Nov 13, 2018
I purchased these as a 300 Blackout plinking bullet. Should work well in this application as others have reported. Fast shipping and reasonably priced.

Great bullet for 300 Blackout

By George L. on Nov 13, 2018
These reasonably priced bullets are my go to bullets for my 300 BO and in my AK rifles too.
Hard to find in stock jump on them when you find them.

Love these bullits in my M1A!

By Jeff J. on Nov 08, 2018
These bullets shoot very well out of my SAI SuperMatch and would recommend giving them a try for 100/200 meters
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