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The Case Prep Xpress is the only "All-Inclusive" System offering all the most popular case prep accessories driven by a high torque gear motor. The dump pan provides easy clean up of brass shavings. The best part is that all accessories are included from the start, no need to have to separately purchase expensive additional accessories. Eliminate blisters on your hand and painful aches from hand loading ammo with the Case Prep Xpress by Lyman.


  • Inside Deburr (VLD) Tool
  • Outside Deburr Tool
  • Primer Pocket Uniformer (Large & Small)
  • Primer Pocket Reamer (Large & Small)
  • Primer Pocket Cleaner (Large & Small)
  • Case Neck Brushes (25, 30, 38 & 45 Cal)
  • Case Neck Lube (Mica)
  • Removable Brass Shavings Dump Pan
  • Clean-up Brush


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Read 6 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.3 stars

An expensive convenience, but worth the price of admission.

By Matt B. on May 27, 2023
This is one of those items that few of us really need but everyone thinks is neat. It lives up to the expectations of Lyman quality and really speeds up brass prep.

It’s larger than you think, but I just store it on a shelf near the bench next to my tumbler. It comes with a set of bits, some of which I’ve used and others I’ve kept for spares or given away. I keep it loaded with small and large primer pocket uniformers and cleaners, military crimp removers from RCBS, as well as neck de-burr and chamfer tools and a primer hole reamer (another useful Lyman product). I don’t use the brushes on this device since I prefer to do that step by hand, but they fit the usual hand tools. Being able to store all the bits on the body of the tool is nice and saves you from digging in a drawer. Just pick your 5 tools and switch it on.

Assuming you’ve already tumbled, sized, and checked trim length, this tool can fully process brass in 8-10 seconds. It’s a time and a finger saver. It has plenty of torque and spins fast enough so you can set a good pace but not so fast that you overdo the neck chamfer. There’s even a little removable tray and a paintbrush to clean up brass chips. The only downside is that it’s made in China.


By Joseph S. on Dec 23, 2022
Rec'ved the case prep. Every was there, upon inspection the clean up brush was hard as brick like it was dipped in varnish. other than that. I like.

Lyman Case Prep Center

By Brian K. on Nov 30, 2020
This Lyman Case prep is a must have for doing any quantity of brass prep. It beats doing things by hand or with a drill. Highly recommend this product.

Lyman case prep

By Steven S. on Oct 01, 2020
I have only used the Lyman case prep for a few hundred rounds, so far so good. It is quieter than I thought it would be. Plus, it came with several attachments so I did not have to purchase separately. I am curious to find out if David B's unit is still working 7 years later.

Lyman Case Prep Express

By Ron B. on Apr 24, 2020
Have been working with this tool for a couple of weeks. It is definitely saving me time and hand/wrist fatigue. I have recommended this tool to my friends and anyone else that reloads. I also received my case prep tool within an acceptable time due to the Covid-19 virus. Get it reloaders

Better than screwdriver handles.

By David B. on Aug 19, 2013
I have carpal tunnel syndrome and it was getting quite uncomfortable to prep brass.

I have had the unit for about a month and have run over 1k pieces of brass across it. Using various head stamps of 9mm, 38sp and 357mag I have cleaned, deburred, decrimped and uniformed primer pockets and flash holes. This was taking about 15 seconds per piece once I got two handed rhythm down.

Most of the shavings and debris stay where they are supposed to but some do stray off the unit onto the bench.

It is rather quiet and has enough weight to not move around on the bench.

It will lug when you give it enough pressure to cut but showed no signs of stopping even when cutting on 2 pieces of brass simultaneously.

I decided to take it apart and see how it worked.

There are some flaws to the unit though. The gear train for the five tool posts is all plastic and open so the gears are not immersed in lube. Nothing seals the shafts to keep debris from getting into the plastic bushing surfaces that supports the shaft.

The motor is a small fan cooled gear reduction unit which has enclosed gears. The gear case was nearly void of lube. The tiny amount that was there was extremely light oil with what seemed to be graphite suspended in it.

I ended up cleaning and relubing everything. In the gear case I used a mix of corn head 00 grease, a little lucas synthetic high temp and added some powdered moly/graph for good measure. On the plastic exposed gears I used some clear teflon synthetic grease that is very tacky.

This clean and lube makes the unit a little louder than original for the first minute or so then becomes extremely quiet once the grease warms up a bit.

I also installed o-rings on the toolposts to hopefully prevent some of the debris from getting through to the gears and bearing surfaces.

Overall a good unit, just not convinced it will stand up for years of use.
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