Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Kit

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Kit
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Product Information

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Premium Kit. Contains everything you need to capture reliable velocity data in one convenient kit. Includes Chronograph, IR LED Light Kit, Tripod and Custom Carry Case that conveniently holds all items.

The Ballistic Precision Chronograph provides accurate velocity measurements across a wide range of shooting conditions. Higher accuracy was achieved by using a high speed 48 MHz processor and by designing a circuit with an advanced data interface that allows each unit to be computer calibrated at the factory after assembly. The end result is the ability to provide much better accuracy than other chronographs on the market (+/- .25%). Although technologically advanced, the unit is designed to be simple to operate, displaying velocity in Feet per second or Meters per second on the large built in LCD screen.

The Chrono can also deliver the shot string velocity data through the 15' foot audio jack cable (included) to an iPhone or iPad (not included). A free App is available for download that displays the velocity of each shot on the phone screen and records it with other data identifying the load and environmental conditions. The App also automatically calculates Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Min, Max and Velocity Spread for the shot string. The data is stored and can be exported via Email or simply recalled for reference at a later date.

The sunshades are extra wide for better reliability on sunny days and are constructed of a durable synthetic material. Measures from 5 to 9,999 FPS. There is a ¼-20 threaded insert on bottom of housing for tripod mounting, operates on a 9 Volt battery (not included).

Each unit factory calibrated to within +/- 0.25% accuracy Ideal for Firearms, Archery, Airgun and Paintball Simple operation, large LCD screen Meters Per Second (MPS) or Feet Per Second (FPS) readings

  • Extra wide sun screens for added shading in full sun operation
  • Option to interface with Smartphone via included 15’ audio jack cable
  • App displays velocity, logs data, notes, weather conditions, easily exports via SMS or Email
  • Carry bag included

Light Kit: The Chronograph Light Kit is designed with high output IR LED lights which deliver the most reliable reading across a wide range of ambient light conditions. It works well indoors and increases performance outdoors in challenging light conditions when the sun is low in the sky. Easily installs in place of sunshades. Incorporates 36 IR LEDs in each strip and one visible red LED to indicate power is on. Operates on 4 AA batteries or the 110 volt AC adapter which is included.

Tripod: Height adjustable from 15" to 42" Includes ¼-20 dovetail plate to attach to the chronograph for quick assembly

Carry bag: Custom Carry Case Designed to store and transport Chronograph, Sunshades, Light Kit and Tripod Constructed of Durable Ballistic Fabric Heavy Duty dual zipper design

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Caldwell chronograph

By Robert D. on May 23, 2023
Simple to set up,
Be sure to follow the ALL the directions including environmental guidelines.
I couldn’t get the app to work but I did get readings old school.Will try for the app again next time.
Best price around.
Tough call to make $500 - $700,00 for Lab Radar or under $200.00 for old technology.
Depends on how much load development you do. This is something you don’t necessarily use all the time but when you need it, you need it.

Only worked with the first three shots.

By Terry C. on Sep 04, 2020
Edit: 10-12-2020, Tried the Chronograph again with better results.
Original: 9-4-2020, Bought this Chronograph and wish I hadn't. Worked great for the first three shots, then nothing but errors and erratic readings. I sincerely doubt my 9mm shoots 3,200 fps. Couldn't get the program to work on my cell phone. Comes up, but doesn't show fps of any shots. I will try again another day. If it fails again I will return it. Totally disappointed.

Good buy technical issues

By Sean R. on Apr 21, 2020
The chronograph works great, but the numbers don't show up on the phone app. It's still fun to use even if the app doesn't

Caldwell Chrono kit

By Ricardo P. on Oct 08, 2019
It’s a breeze to set up and learn the software. The whole kit is worth it with the light and the bipod already included. I’ve quit taking a notepad to shooting sessions since you can make all the notes in the app along with saving a picture of your groups. There’s certainly more expensive chronos out there, but for the average joe who mostly just hunts, this is more than enough.

Caldwell Ballistic Precision Chronograph Kit

By Thomas B. on Jun 11, 2019
I did a lot of research on chronographs and Caldwell's came up on my list as being the best bang for my buck. The kit contained everything I needed, no looking around for add ons. The free app is an added bonus and can download my ballistic results to my home computer from my phone for future reference. I do not shoot competitively so this is all I needed to track my handloads. Graf and Sons have this kit for at least $20.00 less than anybody else and their shipping cost was fair and fast. This was my first purchase from Graf and Sons and wont be my last.

Great value when combined with the free phone app

By Thaine C. on Feb 25, 2019
The chronograph kit is definitely a great value and everything you need is included. When you add the free phone app, you get the ability to log and group your shots even if there was an error by the front screen or4 back screen. While the errors are frustrating, they do happen. The LEDs will drain your AA batteries pretty quick so keep extras with you. When you first use the phone app, be sure to give the app permission to use the microphone. Tech support can walk you through it. Kudos to them for having US based tech support.

Caldwell chronograph

By N T. on Feb 06, 2019
Good value, handy range bag to hold all the extras. No reason not to take to the range, light kit works well indoors.
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