Graf Brass Tumbler 110 Volt

Graf Brass Tumbler 110 Volt
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Product Information

Our Vibratory Case Tumbler is perhaps the quietest tumbler on the market. It features a large, heavy- duty 4-quart bowl that holds up to 1000 9mm cases. The clear lid allows for easy progress checks without stopping your tumbler. Also features a large easy-grip knob and thermally protected motor.


1 Year Warranty on the Motor. Lifetime Warranty on the plastic via the manufacturer.

Read 10 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.8 stars

Graf's Vibritory Tumbler

By Craig W. on Feb 24, 2023
The order was priced great, processed quickly, and more than adequately packaged. I used this tumbler the same day it arrived and cleaned a few hundred really dirty pieces of range pic up brass. Was fairly quiet and did an excellent job cleaning the brass using untreated corncob media in about 1.5 hours. Would absolutely recommend this product.

Very quiet and fast

By Ronald W. on Dec 19, 2020
Quietest tumbler that I have.Very little noise and polishes quickly with corn cob and a dab of the polish.

Surprizingly quiet: Good news/Bad news

By Stephen L. on Nov 02, 2020
My old case tumbler was so loud that I had to wear ear muffs if I reloaded while running it. The good news is this tumbler is very quiet (besides doing a great job of polishing brass. The bad news is I can't hear it running upstairs, some night I'm going to forget about it and leave it running all night.

Graf Brass Tumbler

By Alan C. on Oct 15, 2020
I haven’t had the chance to use it yet, but it seems like a good tumbler. I bought this as a backup for my thirty year old tumbler. One thing for sure. The Graf tumbler is quiet. I can actually be in the garage when the Graf tumbler is on. My old tumbler is loud. I can hear my old tumbler even with the door to the garage closed.


By Michael W. on Aug 08, 2020
am really surprised how quiet it runs. so far its doing a great job. i am extremely hard on tumblers so we will see but for now its great.

Graf Tumbler

By Tim K. on Jul 23, 2020
This is the second Graf tumbler I have purchased. The first one lasted about 6 years with heavy use. On really dirty brass, I have left the unit on for over 12 hours multiple times. Each time when the cycle is complete, the motor is barely warm. The price can't be beat either. High quality with a good price.

Great tumbler

By Brian T. on May 23, 2020
I love this thing ! I tame it nonstop for 2 weeks and it never stopped or made a funny noise. Just keeps on humming along like it's supposed to. I like the clear lid also.

Great for the Money

By David G. on Oct 11, 2019
I bought one of these back about 7 years ago and the motor finally quit the other day. I've used it long and hard, so am not disappointed. I'm going to order another one, because I've seen some priced quite a bit higher that have failed within two years. These run very quiet, and are built very well. I highly recommend them. Hopefully the thermal protection will allow this one to last longer.

More Than I Expected

By Stephen D. on Sep 28, 2019
I chose this tumbler as a replacement for one I bought elsewhere 25 years ago, based on price. This is by far a step up even at a lower overall cost. My last one I had to buy the clear top separate. Construction is solid, and it runs very quiet. I could hear the old unit in the next room with the door closed. This one I can't with the door open.

Graf Brass Tumbler priced just right

By James R. on Aug 14, 2019
This was my choice for processing smaller quantities of rifle brass and the price is right. I had previously avoided vibratory tumblers because they were noisy having observed the observation of several friends tumblers. The Graf model is substantially quieter than any of my friends tumblers and does a good job of cleaning brass.
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