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The only tool on the market to combine case prep tools and a power trimmer in one handy unit! Combining essential case prep tools into one handy unit saves reloaders real estate on their bench and valuable time in the reloading process. The new Lock-N-Load Case Prep Center includes a power trimmer, chamfer/deburr tools, primer pocket cleaner and five neck brushes. A primer pocket uniformer, primer pocket reamers, and flash hole deburr tool can be purchased separately.   It is micro adjustable to 1/1000".  Trim cases from 3/4" to 3 1/4" in length.   The vertical design of the power trimmer and horizontal design of the tools keeps shavings from falling into cases, and makes case discharge easy.   Power Chamfer/Deburr Tool cleans inner case diameter.  Power Deburr Tool cleans outer case diameter. Large and small Primer Pocket Cleaners are standard.  Optional Flash Hole Deburr Tool can be purchased separately. Optional Primer Pocket Reamer can be purchased separately.  Comes with five popular neck brush sizes.

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Hornady case prep center

By Timothy C. on Feb 11, 2019
This case prep station is a well built unit. The motor/gears run smooth and has plenty of power and runs at the right speed and is not too loud. I do agree that adding a micrometer chuck attachment would add tons of value, making fine trim adjustments easier and more accurate. I just finished 1000 5.56/.223 military cases and this sped up the process greatly.


By Joseph R. on Aug 08, 2018
I'm an F-Class competitor so I go through about 3-4 thousand rounds a year. I've had several tools to do each of the task that this prep tool does. However, in my opinion there is nothing else on the market that does all the things that this machine does as well or as efficiently. Some come close, but if they index off the shoulder, they inherently doomed to fail.

The only way this tool can be improved is, if there were some kind of micrometer chuck attachment, so that the trim length could be set up more systematically or consistently.
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