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Product Information

Precision Cartridge, Inc. has been in business since 1986 making quality remanufactured (used brass) and new ammunition.  Ammunition with (NEW) in the description is loaded with New Brass. This is loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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By Joseph A. on Apr 01, 2021
Too weak to function a Type 14. Also the flat nose bullet profile with not feed at all. I tried it in three different Type 14's I have. Lot I have is MAY 09 2016.


By William M. on Apr 19, 2020
I hate to do this but as others have said these are loaded way too light, they keep stovepiping on the way out or fail to load the next round, I had a firing pin break when that happened, but I will likely continue to get them as I can pull the bullets and put more powder in for less than the jacked up prices that others want for properly loaded ones.

Glad it is available

By Lyndon D. on Mar 09, 2020
I am extremely glad to find 8mm Nambu available and it is a bit less expensive than the last time I found some. I would have given it a 5 star rating except that I agree with many others....it needs to be loaded a bit hotter. Please communicate that to the manufacturer.
Weak springs and not enough lubrication also cause issues with the Nambu's function, magnifying the lower power issues of these loads.

Quality Hard to Find Ammo for A Good Price

By CAREY B. on Feb 16, 2020
I was absolutely pleased with this Nambu ammo. I used it the first time a shot my Nambu Type 14. I worked without any issues and the accuracy was surprising for this old gun. Thanks for such good products.

8mm Nambu PCI Ammo Too Weak

By Jason K. on Jan 20, 2020
I bought this ammo because of the price hoping it would function in my Nambu Type 14. It is loaded way too light. The ammo would not properly cycle the action causing jams, feeding issues, and ejecting issues. I did notice that the nose was flat on this ammo which may have contributed to some of the issues. I would NOT recommend this product. I had brought another manufacturers ammo to the range that was loaded heavier and had a rounded bullet. I had no issues firing the pistol with that ammo.

8mm nambu weak!!!

By Scott W. on Jan 02, 2020
This stuff is a joke load any semi auto too light and see how it works! You know this whole time everyone blames the Nambu type 14 for some reason because it jams or fails to eject. With limp wristed light loaded ammo like this no wonder these pistols don't work.

8 Nambu Ammo Does Not Function

By Christopher C. on Jul 10, 2019
Had so many Customers complain about it not cycling the action in their Nambu's, that I had to start ordering it from another Manufacturer, who does load it at 900 + FPS. using a 100 GR. HDS Bullet on 8 MM Nambu HDS Brass.

8mm Nambu

By Gregory S. on Feb 16, 2019
Seems to be good ammo, haven't fired it yet.


By Mark H. on Oct 03, 2018
Shot well in my 1944 Type 14. While not loaded 'hot' it still operated the action every time, even after my extractor broke in half. It still ejected with no extractor.

8mm nambu pci ammo

By Michael M. on Sep 25, 2018
great price on hard to find ammo.hard to say how reliable ammo is since nambu type 14 are prone to have feeding problems

Flat nose

By Thomas S. on Aug 27, 2018
I did have to reshape the feed ramp to feed the flat point.
Not really a round nose bullet.
Nambu type 14
1942 manufacture

8mm nambu ammo

By Wayne K. on Aug 22, 2018
this is very high quality ammo at 1/2 the usual cost of 8mm Nambu ammo. It is boxer primed and reloadable. Its cheaper to buy this ammo than it is ti to buy new reloadable brass. I will certainly buy more.

8mm Nambu P.C.I. ammo

By Charles C. on Aug 28, 2017
This ammo worked fine in my 1937 Type 14 pistol as well - and I just ordered some more!

Worked fine in my Nambu

By Matthew P. on Aug 27, 2017
The PCI 8mm Nambu ammo I purchased from Graf & Sons worked fine in my Nambu and shot to point of aim. I appreciate being able to buy this hard to find caliber.

8mm Nambe P.C.I.

By Bruce S. on Aug 19, 2017
Loaded way under power. Will not operate the slide. If you purchase, Plan on having to pull the bullets and recharge with the proper load. Graf: Pull this product and reject it back to P.C.I.
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