BPI WAD 12ga SHORT SHELL 7/8 - 1-1/8 LEAD 250/BAG

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BPI WAD 12ga SHORT SHELL 7/8 - 1-1/8 LEAD 250/BAG

Product Information

The SSW is a short wad with a compact cushion section. It is great for short-chamber loads and for high capacity loads in longer shotshells.

With the right loads, fine shotguns can pack a punch. We have great loads for short-length cartridges (2-1/4" and 2-1/2") using common hulls and powders. We have designed certain loads with the SSW that operate with low pressures and low recoil for fine old guns (and fine old shooters).

Try the short loads with the SSW for yourself and enjoy the benefits.

  • Diam: .720"
  • Len: 1.424"
  • Cup depth: .852"
  • Cup style: tear-away petals

Technical Notes

 Part #  1 to 1-1/8oz Sporting  Gauge  Purpose  Capacity  Length  Depth  Bag/Cs Qty.
 072SSW  Short Shell Wad  12ga  All-Purpose  7/8 to 1-1/8  1.424  0.852  250/5000


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