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Product Information


Pendleton Ammunition is loaded with Aussie Copper Projectiles (ACP).  ACP’s are the world’s 1st and only guaranteed projectile for accuracy and lethality.  They are 100% copper, individually CNC machined, and tested on live game.  With Pendleton Ammo’s handcrafted single stage loading process, the result is the most accurate and lethal ammunition money can buy.

The Process of Pendleton:

“Here at Pendleton Ammunition we take the utmost care in providing the best ammunition. All brass is inspected, sized, and tumbled in fine dry corn cob media. The brass is then measured, to insure proper length. Then they are run through a case prep center so all burrs are removed inside or outside the necks. Primer pockets and flash holes are checked for consistency.

All brass cases are primed with a hand priming tool. Brass is lined out on a flat surface to insure proper seating depths. Before brass is charged with powder, each is inspected with a flash light to make sure no foreign objects remain. We use consistent powders which is best suited for each caliber. Powder charges are determined by our load development team to develop the most consistent loads. Each powder charge is hand weighed and dumped into the brass case.  Projectiles are seated to proper depths which is determined by OAL case lengths of each caliber.

With our extensive load development and testing, we have achieved chronographed loads that only vary in the single digit range, with many cartridges achieving exact velocity performance. Even though our single stage loading process is more time consuming, the result is the most consistent and accurate ammunition on the market today. We are very proud of our handcrafted Pendleton Ammunition which provides the hunter, the accuracy and lethality they demand. We think you will be pleased with its performance!”

Ray Koch (Owner)

Pendleton Ammunition LLC

Pendleton, Oregon,



[email protected]

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Good price

By Lowell G. on Aug 19, 2019
Excellent price on this ammo.
Pulled one cartridge apart for inspection.
Good strong crimp for sure.
Checked the price on just buying the bullets, $1.25 per bullet.


By Gary L. on Jun 11, 2019
Just thought if you take the time to load one at a time must be a good product, cause that’s why I reload and the price was right.
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