Aussie Ultra ACP Ammo 308 Winchester 130gr ACP Sidewinder Box of 10

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Aussie Ultra ACP Ammo 308 Winchester 130gr ACP Sidewinder Box of 10
Aussie Ultra ACP Ammo 308 Winchester 130gr ACP Sidewinder Box of 10
Aussie Ultra ACP Ammo 308 Winchester 130gr ACP Sidewinder Box of 10
Aussie Ultra ACP Ammo 308 Winchester 130gr ACP Sidewinder Box of 10
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Product Information

Aussie Ultra ACP Ammunition was developed for hunters, by hunters who need the utmost confidence in their ammo and its ability to make the one shot that counts, every time you pull the trigger.  We start by developing our loads with standard hunting rifles, that’s right, we optimize it for the rifles we all carry into the field.  We load to SAMMI specs of course, but within that, we are optimized for standard barrel harmonics.

When loading, we start with new Prvi Partizan brass.  We full length resize the brass, trim and chamfer the case mouth to a consistent length to ensure consistent neck tension, which results in excellent accuracy.  After hyper polishing the brass we load with Noble Sport Vectan Powders using specially modified powder measures, that drop charges of 0.05gr from drop to drop.  We seat the ACP (Aussie Copper Projectile) to length, which is very consistent due to the consistency of the CNC machined ACP projectiles. 

Do not be fooled by thinking you need an ACP that is as heavy as the conventional jacketed bullet you may be used to.  The lighter, faster, flatter shooting ACP is so effective because of its unique design that controls its opening and keeps those very sharp edged petals working in your target.  We test each bullet design in actual tissue (live game), not media, not water and not sand, but actual tissue over a very broad range of velocities.  


ACP projectiles are available for reloading as well.  If you reload, give them try.  They are the world’s first and only money back guaranteed projectile!  If you don’t think that Aussie Copper Projectiles are the most lethal and accurate bullets you have ever shot, your purchase price will be refunded.  It is as simple as that!   Reloading data will soon be available at

Picture #3: Three shot test group fired from 200 yards, 2907 fps muzzle velocity, using a Kimber 84M rifle.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

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Hand made

By Gary L. on May 27, 2020
If I can I will always try to get Ammo that is handmade why performance. If someone can take the time it’s worth the outcome for me. And on sale at Graf and son. What a great place.


By Charlie F. on May 19, 2020
These preform well with tight groups can’t wait to use them hunting, hate that they are discontinuing them but right now they are on clearance and can’t beat the price

Absolutely Stunning Accuracy

By Dale E. on Apr 29, 2020
I have fired these rounds in 4 different .308s and the same results; one hole 3 and 5 round groups...except of course the occasional flyer on me that I called. I haven't used on game but look forward to the deer hunt this fall.

I also have had the identical same results with the .270 Winchester version of this product.

Unfortunately, this may be the last you will see of this round as the manufacturer does not seem to be in business any longer in Australia
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