BPI WAD 12ga PT 7/8oz LEAD 250/BAG

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BPI WAD 12ga PT 7/8oz LEAD 250/BAG

Product Information

TYPE: (straight wall hulls = 7/8 to 1 oz.) 12 gauge lead target & small game loads. Stingingly fast loads for speedy clay targets. Outstanding for doves, quail, huns and other light upland game.

Use this wad with smaller shot sizes with high velocity loads and pound any short to mid-range clay targets. Dove season was a great success with nickel-plated 9 shot and the PT1205. This is one of the most versatile wads we have EVER loaded in that the compression is very accommodating to different load levels. Cartridge manufacturers love using this wad for this very reason. You will too.

Reloads well at 3/4 ounce lead in both straight-wall shotgun hulls and the taper-wall hulls, target hulls.

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