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Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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This is not loaded ammunition.

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Excellent Brass for Precision .223 Reloading

By George H. on Mar 18, 2020
I recently reloaded and tested 100 @ .223 cartridges based on the LC 17 Headstamp with a precision bolt action rifle. I only trimmed to length and chamfered necks prior to loading. Accuracy was excellent. These cases are a great value.

Great Brass

By Kyle M. on Mar 18, 2020
Really pleased with the results I get using LC New for my Long Range 3 Gun ammo. Grafs delivered fast and accurately matching my order.

LC 223 brass

By Mark R. on Mar 12, 2020
The best there is. Too bad the price had to go up.

All the 5 Stars Sums it up!

By Matt F. on Mar 09, 2020
This brass is the best value you
will find!! High quality and great price for 5.56 brass!!!

Great deal on Brass

By David B. on Feb 25, 2020
Good price on good new LC 17 Headstamp brass. All the brass was in good condition. Will be purchasing again soon.

LC 5.56

By Barry U. on Feb 24, 2020
Brass is great; annealing discoloring polishes right out. Only surprise was that in Feb 2020, these were 2017 headstamp. Thought they would be 2019.

LC new brass

By Rick S. on Feb 21, 2020
Great product. Great price. Fast shipping.
This is my second purchase of brass from here. I will definitely continue to do business here.

Lake City Brass

By Gary K. on Feb 21, 2020
I love this product. I have used LC brass for many years that after firing required swaging the the primer pocket prior to reloading. This new brass, having never been loaded, eliminates that step. Even with the bulk packaging, I did not find any cases that could not be run through the resizing die. I will purchase more of this.


By Ryan T. on Feb 20, 2020
Exactly what I needed. Brand new Lake City brass, all '17 headstamp. The neck of one case was damaged but I received 1010 cases total.

lake city .556 new brass

By Travis B. on Feb 03, 2020
Excellent for bulk reloading, wouldn't use anything else, buy it up when you can get it!

Very Happy With Purchase

By James W. on Oct 21, 2019
Brass cleaned up nicely. Good price and fast shipping. I'll Be Back!

Great brass

By Eric C. on Oct 15, 2019
Brass was in excellent condition and perfect for accurate loads. Shipping was fast.


By David M. on Oct 10, 2019
The brass was in great shape and got here quick.Will use them again

Great brass at a great price

By Arthur B. on Sep 20, 2019
I have ordered 2,000 so far and the brass is fairly dirty upon arrival, as shown in the photo. I tumbled mine in a Frankford Arsenal tumbler with distilled water and stainless steel media for 2 hours. After cleaning I drain the fluid and replace with clean distilled water and tumbler for another 2 hours. The brass comes out looking as clean and shiny as new Nosler brass. Some case mouths are bent but not a big deal. The flash holes are free of any burr. The length has only a few thousandths variation and I will not be doing any trimming on mine. Overall at this price, this is a 5 STAR deal. I will be buying more.

My New Go-to Brass

By Robert M. on Sep 18, 2019
I've always used Remington brass where I could because I felt it was the best value. Now that thev stopped selling brass, I had to find a new "value" brass. This stuff is way better and I think the price is unbeatable. I've always liked LC brass, but I hated removing the crimps. You get the best of both worlds here, nice thick military quality brass without the primer crimps. I bought 500 pieces and actually received 502. The packing was good too, maybe 10% had dinged necks. I've bought way more expensive brass before with much higher rates of damaged cases. I also de-burr my flash holes on my new brass and found very few burrs in these cases. The only negative I could even mention is that it's not very shiny, probably because the cases have been annealed. They clean up just fine in the tumbler though. I dont think you'll find a better value for 5.56 brass.

Super deal

By Andrew G. on Sep 06, 2019
Super deal on great brass. As some have noted, mouths may be slightly dented or out of round. That's normal, you can even find that with high end Lapua on occasion, just neck size and go. More importantly, necks are very concentric and uniform with very little runout. I've used this brass to load rounds that shoot 1/2 mos and cost me less than 30 cents each.

L.C. Brass

By John S. on Sep 03, 2019
Excellent for the price. Just clean up the necks and ready to load.

Great brass

By Thomas C. on Aug 31, 2019
Purchased to form into 6.5 TCU. Forming was very easy.

Outstanding brass

By Thomas W. on Aug 26, 2019
I was more than happy with this brass. Easy to load and no primer crimps too. May order more.

Great Brass

By Louis O. on Aug 22, 2019
Brass came in bags of 100 and were in very good shape, cleaned up nicely. Would definitely recommend at these low prices!

Perfect brass

By Stephen D. on Aug 12, 2019
Cleaned up in just 20 minutes in my Lyman rotary tumbler.
I am placing my second order right now.

Lake City 5.56 Brass

By Earl M. on Aug 02, 2019
Super deal for great brass. Will definitely buy more!

Great brass

By Trace P. on Jul 30, 2019
My batch came in cleaner than what is pictured, great quality brass.

LC Brass

By Robert W. on Jul 24, 2019
Have ordered thousands of these. They are not as rough as the pictures show. Packaged in 100ct bags. Order and let the brass prep begin. Good brass at a good price.

Second Purchase

By Harry B. on Jul 23, 2019
Get it while it lasts. I and several of my fellow competitors are using this Lake City brass (LC18 headstamp). It's a quality batch. Take note Service Rifle shooters ...

Lake city Brass

By Gerald B. on Jul 23, 2019
Great stuff , case length was really close to perfect, minimal trimming! Will buy again!

Lake City Brass

By Barry T. R. on Jul 10, 2019
A great platform your reloading adventures... I will buy more.

great brrass

By James H. on Jul 09, 2019
can never go wrong with LC brass.

Quality Brass at a Great Price

By Edwin J. on Jul 01, 2019
This was my first time buying new LC brass and bought 500 cases. Definitely a great value. For this price and quality, I will certainly buy again.

LC Unprimed 5.56 Brass

By Richard M. on Jul 01, 2019
Order processed and delivered very quickly. 3 days total.
Brass was all of a single year head stamp.
Brass was MUCH cleaner than what is pictured in the description

Proven quality at a bargain price

By Lee V. on Jun 27, 2019
You can't beat the price of Lake City Brass. If its good enough for the DoD how can you go wrong.

The Good Stuff

By John H. on Jun 25, 2019
Good quality Lake City brass.
Of the ones I checked, weight was fairly consistent, +/- .5 grains for most with the occasional light or heavy. Length was very good, 1.755 +/- .001 for every case I checked.
This is not “pretty” brass, this is Lake City. It’s very good brass at a great price, yes, I’m happy with it.

Great Buy

By Winford S. on Jun 07, 2019
Have used LC brass since the 70's. Of course Uncle Sam was providing it then. This brass is ready to use right out of the bag. It loads and fires just fine. very consistant. and the price is great!!

Great product

By Jeff C. on Jun 05, 2019
Shipped quickly and just as described. Will buy again.

LC 5.56 deprimed brass

By Thomas M. on Jun 03, 2019
A good deal. My first experience with LC brass. I used to be a WW fan but not so much now due to quality issues on the new stuff. This brass was cleaner than pictured, primes nicely and came with an extra case in a bag of 100! Also, it arrived a day earlier than forecast.

Great Deal!

By Lonnie H. on May 22, 2019
I ordered a 1000 of these this past weekend and they arrived today. The brass that I received is much cleaner than the brass shown in the picture above. Shipping was above average. If I get enough overtime this weekend I'll be ordering more.

Exactly what I was looking for

By Robert V. on May 22, 2019
I was wanting LC brass for some clone Mk262. I'm glad I found this brass since it's new and I don't need to remove pocket crimps! I picked up 1000 cases and looking them over I haven't seen a single crimped neck. I look forward to loading.

Lake City 556 new brass

By Scott C. on May 16, 2019
Brass is great shipping was fast.

Nice brass

By Gregg M. on May 07, 2019
The case neck is a bit out of round but no big deal, ran threw the sizer die. The length so far has been consistent at 1.755 give or take a thou. Primers seat real easy. Over all worth every penny

Outstanding Brass

By Mark S. on May 03, 2019
Great quality brass that is priced right. I just received 2000 rounds and will place another order soon. All brass has LC 18 headstamp, is bright, and clean. You can't go wrong here.

Terrific stuff

By Douglas M. on Apr 29, 2019
Lake City brass, no crimped primer pockets, woohoo!

Great brass

By Brian L. on Apr 16, 2019
Great price! Bought 300 look haven't had a chance to load them yet, but expect good results!

Best Brass Out There

By Joe J. on Apr 15, 2019
This military brass is alloyed harder at the case head to improve toughness. Best brass made for high pressure loads in 5.56 rifles. Outstanding.

LC 5.56 brass

By Michael B. on Apr 12, 2019
Well packaged , fast shipping, and the real deal 5.56 NATO case. Shrunk my 77gr smk load in half...all lc17 head stamp. Don't hesitate!


By Stevan B. on Apr 10, 2019
I assumed it was used! absolutely beautiful.


By Robert P. on Apr 08, 2019
Lots of cases have dented mouths

Good brass!

By Richard M. on Apr 02, 2019
Excellent brass for the price!

really like this brass

By Dakota E. on Mar 22, 2019
this is great brass. shipped very quick and actually got an extra casing in each pack. ran it through the tumbler for a bit and was ready to load!

LC 223 Brass

By Stephen C. on Mar 18, 2019
Great brass for ARs and bolt guns - I like to get a bunch when in stock to prep for the summer. Prefer new brass for the AR timed matches. Graf has great shipping prices !

Great Deal

By Lewis O. on Mar 16, 2019
Great deal on good quality brass.

Best deal anywhere

By Michael C. on Mar 14, 2019
Only ding compared to other brass is appearance, which can be cleaned up. Quality is excellent though, and dat price.

Brass almost ready for loading.

By Nicholas H. on Mar 14, 2019
I purchased this brass for using in my precision AR-15. I was happy to see the primer pockets needed no work to allow priming to take place immediately. The reason I was concerned about this was because i had heard all LC brass would need work whether it was new or not. This is false. The brass is well annealed.

Now I did however have to open some necks because of dents and flats in the necks that I would assume was caused by shipping. The brass was also lightly scratched. Much of the brass appeared to have been scratched to a point it looked as if it had been picked up off the ground at the range. I think tumbling the brass will remove most of these light scratches.

All and all this brass will do the job and for the price well worth it.

The Good Stuff

By Mike Z. on Mar 08, 2019
Nice to find this 1st quality brass.

All excellent and shiny '18 headstamp.

Ordering more.

Excellent brass

By Jeff H. on Mar 08, 2019
Being a LC brass fan to begin with, I jumped on the chance for this virgin brass for a new project.

Quality L.C. brass at a great price

By Jeff H. on Mar 04, 2019
Great looking brass, received very quickly. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but if all the other reviews are correct, I'm sure I'll be happy. Great job Graf and son's.

Good deal on great brass

By William W. on Mar 02, 2019
Very nice LC brass. All of mine is LC 18 headstamp. So nice not to have to swage primer pockets before use like you do on once fired brass.

LC BRASS 5.56 UNPRIMED (NEW) 100/bag

By Matt S. on Feb 21, 2019
Excelent brass!
All headstamped the same (LC18)
Other than my standard flash hole deburring (I do this to all new brass) no other case prep was needed prior to loading.

Lake City Brass

By John C. on Feb 21, 2019
Good stuff by looking at it. Full length sized it, trimmed, chamfered and deburred. Checked flasholes but they were all good on this batch and was a waste of time to check. I did not bother to weigh but would for 600. I would give Lapua match brass a 5 so this gets a 4, bulk packaging produces uneven neck tension and sizing fixed that.

Very good brass

By Gary L. on Feb 18, 2019
Ordered 500 pieces. All LC 18 headstamp, and very consistent.

Lake city brass 5.56 Nato

By David W. on Feb 11, 2019
Very good brass. Consistant weight. Built to last. I load a 55 gr to about 2800 fps for target shooting. The brass should last a long time!

Lake City Brass.

By John D. on Feb 08, 2019
New Lake City brass. I have been looking for some for several months. Always have great luck with Grafs. All mine is LC18 headstamp. I use it to form 20 Vartarg and 20 Tactical brass as well as brass for my AR. Great brass at a great price.


By Michael S. on Jan 31, 2019
You can't get any better than LC. Good price. You get what you pay for.

Lake City

By Kenneth Z. on Jan 30, 2019
Very good brass, I wanted to get a decent amount (500) was a little apprehensive at first but loaded them up with no issues. First I checked in a case gauge then had a few with dinged necks so I neck sized a few. Very happy with the results. I intend to get more in the near future.

LC 5.56 Brass

By James J. on Jan 23, 2019
Good brass, good price. I've used LC brass for a while in XTC Matches with no major issues. Out of the first 100 cases I've prepped there was only 1 split neck.

LC 5.56 Brass

By James J. on Jan 23, 2019
Good brass, good price. I've been using LC brass for a while in XTC Matches with no major issues. So far in the first 100 cases I've prepped I only found one split neck.

Great Brass

By Zachary F. on Jan 18, 2019
Good brass for plinking ammo loads and as always last a good many firings for the money!

LC Brass 5.56

By Eric C. on Jan 16, 2019
Well everyone knows LC brass - it's reliable brass especially for the AR style rifles and this is a good price for a good product. Get it while you can~

Excellent Brass

By Frank W. on Jan 03, 2019
I was happy to find some I fired Lake City 556 brass. I have used a lot of once-fired LC brass in the past and was thrilled to not have to remove crimped primer pockets. The new brass was all 2018 headstamped, in excellent condition and arrived quickly. I learned a few years ago that components can disappear quickly and have made an effort to build a reserve. Thank you Grafs for providing an excellent value to your customers.


By James S. on Jan 01, 2019
As expected. Great brass. With some prep work it's outstanding for XTC use. At 13 cents a piece in bulk the pricing can't be beat.

Lake city 223. Brass

By Kenneth M. on Dec 31, 2018
Good deal been looking for some time for this new lake city brass

LC unprimed-great find

By H B D. on Dec 17, 2018
Lake City is great brass and stands up to multiple reloads. I don't shoot AR myself, so didn't want to bother with swaging or reaming primer pockets off once-fired brass, so really great to find a good buy on virgin LC brass.

Lake City Brass

By Jerry R. on Dec 14, 2018
Great looking brass at a fair price. All of mine is LC 18

Excellent Brass & Service

By Michael E. on Dec 13, 2018
I have been looking high and low for this brass and Grafs is the only place that has it in stock at a great price.

Great for High Power Competition

By John I. on Dec 13, 2018
Great brass for NRA High Power and CMP Service Rifle matches. Load up and go shoot in a competition this weekend!

Great brass

By Fredrik S. on Dec 12, 2018
Hard to go wrong with unfired LC brass, especially at this price. Mine were all headstamped LC18

Very good price on very good brass

By Dennis T. on Dec 10, 2018
Have used lots of LC brass, and it cannot be beat.

LC - the gold standard in military brass

By Ronald M. on Aug 31, 2018
After a neck size and a flash hole deburr they are ready to go.

Great and Hard to Find

By Michael S. on Aug 31, 2018
LC 16 Headstamp. Quality stuff. It is pretty dirty but cleaned up perfect after a tumble.

Great Brass at a Great Price

By Michael R. on Aug 30, 2018
I have been using LC brass for many years in both autoloaders as well as my precision bolt guns. I prep them with a Run thru a Lee collet neck sizer to round out any shipping dents, then prime and load.Hard to beat Graf's price for new unfired LC brass and shipping.
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