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Due to the packaging and shipping process, case necks are often slightly dinged or bent and need to be rounded up and sized to give proper neck tension. New and/or fired cases must be full-length resized or have the expander ball of the sizing die run through the case neck prior to loading.
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Product Information

Made by a major US brass manufacturer, this brass may have blemishes from the cleaning or manufacturing process.

This is not loaded ammunition.

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excellent value

By Gerald G. on Aug 08, 2020
All brass was Peterson and Desert Tech with the Peterson symbol. All pieces were usable and looked great. Only downside is I was shorted one piece.

Case mouth issues

By David O. on Jul 10, 2020
The price is right. What a great deal! But buyer beware, the case mouth on several shells were screwed up. There were several shorts (not enough material near the neck/lip of the case), and a few cases that were melted/damaged from the annealing process. I'm going to shoot them after cleaning them anyway. Seems like these were the rejects from Peterson MFG. That's why it got 3 stars. We'll see how the cases hold up to being fired/reloaded a few times.

unspecified brass

By Louis G. on Jun 30, 2020
I was very surprised to see that the brass that I took a chance on was all NOSLER brand. What a deal! I will be ordering more.

Very Good Stuff Cheap

By Chris M. on Jun 26, 2020
Picked up an order based on the other reviews and wasn't disappointed. In the bulk pack were a mix of headstamps for Peterson and Desert Tech, but if you look close, you'll notice the Desert Tech has the "P" symbol on it indicating Peterson as well. I got lucky in that I had about a 60/40 split so I can break them evenly into boxes. Visual inspection didn't turn up anything I'm concerned about. I likely won't know performance for a while as I just stocked these up while they are priced like they are.

major manufacture 338lapua brass

By Michael M. on Jun 21, 2020
my son ordered it. he"ll never order it again case mouths were al screwed up. the factory shoulder where plus .003 over sammi specs. Seems to me they were once fired an wet tumble to clean up like new. Junk. Michael MCCammon

Great brass at a great price!!!

By Christopher J. on Jun 04, 2020
As has been clearly stated this is Peterson brass! I'm not sure what makes these blems but all the pieces I received were FLAWLESS! A quick run thru my expander die, a deburr and a tumble to remove the case neck lube and they are ready to load! Buy with confidence!!!

Desert Tech Brass

By Jake K. on May 22, 2020
Read the reviews before hitting the “add to cart” button hoping I was getting Peterson Brass.

Received brass today and it’s labeled “Desert Tech 388 Lapua”

I hope this is not junk brass that has loose primer pockets within 3 loadings like Hornady or Federal.

Good price but bummed it’s not Peterson Brass.

May be my new goto brand

By Scott G. on Jan 03, 2019
I've never used Peterson brass before, using Lapua exclusively. I thought some testing was in order. I randomly selected 10 new pieces each of Lapua and Peterson for comparison. Annealing coloration and degree of polish are the same. If not for the head stamp, I couldn't tell them apart. The Peterson has half the neck wall thickness variation, .0006" vs.0012". The Peterson had slightly lower case weight variation too, 1.1gn vs a 1.4gn spread. The Petersen averages about 10 grains lighter than the Lapua, so I won't interchange load data but the Peterson probably has slightly greater capacity. I can't see any apparent reason for the seconds designation. Their prime brass must be astounding if these are really seconds. If all of their brass is this good, Peterson may replace Lapua as my brass brand. I'll wait to see how it holds up before making that call. However, with Lapua 338LM brass being about $3/piece at my LGS, Peterson durability would have to be really bad to overcome price difference.

338 Lapua brass

By Chris G. on Dec 30, 2018
New Peterson brass, great price and fast shipping, will order again

Really Nice Brass

By Judd H. on Dec 28, 2018
Not only it the brass nice, clean, and ready to go, but the actual count was 101. Merry Xmas!


By Jim M. on Dec 28, 2018
This brass looks good, can't wait to load it. Great price, a thanks to Graf & Sons for offering this opportunity to stock up. I should order up some more~!

Best buy on the net

By Dave T. on Dec 26, 2018
Nice brass for a great price.


By Shawn W. on Dec 25, 2018
Very nice brass - It's Peterson bass! The price you can’t beat being that it’s 338 Lapua at this price. I will be buying again.

Quality cases

By Rune J. on Dec 25, 2018
Not sure why these cases are listed “blemished” except the some cases appeared not to be annealed perfectly evenly. They are made by Peterson and an incredible value. I weighed 20 random cases and they were all within 1.1 grain. Length varied by .004” and they are chamfered inside and outside. All I do is neck size before loading to true up the necks because these cases come loose in bag, not in the usual plastic storage boxes.

Great Deal

By Don M. on Dec 25, 2018
This is Peterson brass at an AMAZING price. Great brass and fast shipping. If you're in the market for .338 Lapua Magnum brass for a great price, jump on this deal FAST!!!

Awesome brass!

By Sean R. on Dec 10, 2018
Had 2 different orders of this brass, first one I ordered just to see if it was as nice as reviews said it was, and sure enough it was some fine looking brass, so worked out great because the Christmas sale hit and picked up 200 more for the price of 100. Great deal for .338 Lapua brass. Should have enough now for a long time, but wouldn't hesitate to buy it again, no worries whatsoever.

Better then sliced bread!

By Richard B. on Oct 11, 2018
Thought there is no way there could be quality brass for this price, Turns out its Peterson brass. This is a steal at this price. Once the word get out it will be gone at these prices. Have several friends that will be buying it now.

Peterson brass undercover!

By Martin S. on Oct 09, 2018
Took a chance and WOW what a surprise. This is Peterson Brass. I cant find anything wrong with the brass besides its just not polished. Big deal, an hour in the tumbler and it was bright and shiny. This is a steal of a deal. Get it while it lasts because once people find out its Peterson it will be gone at these prices.
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