Fiocchi Hull 28ga 2.75" 8mm Primed Red Bag of 100

Fiocchi Hull 28ga 2.75" 8mm Primed Red Bag of 100
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Product Information

  • Color: Red
  • Top Edge: Unskived
  • Gauge: 28 ga
  • Length: 2.75"
  • Brass: 0.315" (8mm)
  • Primed


WARNING: Handling primers and lead shot will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to the State of California to cause reproductive harm and cancer.

Read 28 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.9 stars

28 gauge primed hulls

By Jack B. on Jul 26, 2023
loads well fast shipping good price can get minimum of 6 loads out of these Fiocchi primed hulls will buy again

2 3/4 " 28 Ga. Fiocchi hulls

By George K. on May 24, 2023
As the price of small bore bulls increase, I bought 300 of the Fiocchi hulls. I’m experimenting with a few loads now to try out on the skeet field so far so good I’ll be buying more or these soon. I should be able to get 3 to 5 reloads out of these hulls

28 ga Fiocchi Hulls

By Kurt S. on May 04, 2023
The hulls are well made and the shipping was very fast. They are well made hulls for reloading....skived and ready for loading.

28 ga. Fiocchi hulls

By Kyle K. on Apr 14, 2023
Great hulls and usually in stock

Fiocchi Hull 28ga 2.75" 8mm Primed Red Bag of 100

By Jeffrey S. on Apr 11, 2023
Splendid reloaded very well crimped extremely nice held primers extremely well. I would say overall one of the best hulls I've ever used shooting skeet difficult to find a 28 gauge right now. These really fill the niche. Crazy not to get them for this price because they're already primed. That's probably half the price what you're paying. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to purchase them

Fiocchi 28 Ga Primed Hulls

By James S. on Apr 03, 2023
Arrived in a timely manner. The hulls should be a good replacement for Cheddite hulls.


By Tanner L. on Apr 03, 2023
Brass is a little thin but to be expected with cheap hulls

2 3/4 28 Ga. Fiocchi hulls

By Jon G. on Mar 23, 2023
Great looking shells. And considering the availability of any components for reloading it's great to see something start to break. Shells look really nice and I am anticipating a great load when I get the rest of the components together and get started.

2 3/4 28ga primed Fiocchi Hulls

By JASON H. on Mar 16, 2023
Great product. Loads great and I highly recommend them.

Great quality hull

By Josh C. on Mar 04, 2023
Just getting into reloading for this gauge—great quality product and glad they were available. Thank you!


By Paul Y. on Feb 17, 2023
Loads easily on Mec Jr. Glad they were available.

2 3/4 " 28 Ga. Fiocchi hulls

By Darin M. on Feb 17, 2023
Awesome Product! These are the hulls to reload!!

Fiocchi 28 gauge Hulls

By Gary C. on Feb 10, 2023
These are a Great hull...also being once fired hulls are hard to find.
Shipping is Very fast and Service is Great from this Company.I have placed numerous orders from here and Will continue

Fiocchi 28 gauge primed hulls

By George L F. on Feb 06, 2023
Excellent hulls for your 28 gauge reloading needs. Grafs processed my order quickly and shipped them even quicker!! This is my second order from them and I will certainly be back for more 😀

Fiocchi 28 Gauge Hulls

By Gary B. on Jan 26, 2023
I just started using these hulls. They are durable, lasting for quite a few reloads. They take the Claybuster AA HS untapered wads. These hulls are already primed, giving additional savings.

Fiocchi 28 Ga. Primed hulls

By Donald B. on Jan 06, 2023
Recently started shooting 28 Ga. for small bore shoots. Due to ongoing availability issues with ammo, ordered these for reloading. The hulls worked great in my MEC Sizemaster. I was concerned about the initial crimping, but these hulls came out great the 1st time with no issues. Also helped that there is no hazmat fee when shipped and Graf's had them to me fast.

Great 28ga hulls

By Richard P. on Jan 02, 2023
I have recently purchased a 28ga shotgun that my grandson uses to shoot trap with. These shells load up well and go through the action well. they also reload well too

28 Ga. Fiocchi primed hulls.

By Marlin J. on Dec 19, 2022
I've been reloading Fiocchi primed 410 hulls (currently out of stock) for about a year now. I've found that they reload and hold up really well. I've recently starting reloading Fiocchi 28 ga. primed hulls and find them to be of the same excellent quality. I expect to get at least 4 or 5 reloads out of them as that's what I've been getting with the 410 hulls.

Fiocchi 28 ga hulls

By Brian S. on Nov 24, 2022
Great product with fast shipping!

Fiocchi Hull 28ga

By Brian M. on Oct 19, 2022
These are great strait walled hulls. They do excellent with tps wads for loading tss and also sporting wads for lead loads. I found Grafs because these hulls have been hard to find, I didn't know about them before.. The sipping from Graf's is super fast. I had ordered from 2 other reloading companies before I placed my order with Graf's. The Grafs order arrived 2 days earlier than my other orders. I could hardly believe it. I have since ordered 2 other times from Graf's and they delivered immediately both times. Grafs will be getting my biz from now on.

Fiocchi hulls and wads

By Paul P. on Sep 14, 2022
Awesome just as we ordered . Fast service and easy tracking your order


By John C. on Sep 11, 2022
These load quite nicely on my 600jr with the red clay buster wads for the AA HS hulls. Getting ready to buy more.

Fiocchi Hull 28ga 2.75" 8mm Primed Red Bag of 100

By Craig M. on Sep 08, 2022
I just started reloading for shotgun, but from what I can tell, they do just what they're suppose to do! Solid product, with good service!

28 Ga. Shotgun Shells

By Leo S. on Nov 30, 2020
Great shell for the price, comes primed and pretty much ready to reload.

Fiocchi 28g hulls

By Carl H. on Nov 27, 2020
Have Loaded hundreds of these hulls with mainly BPI sporting II wads. I shoot 12 and 28 G but prefer the 28. I only reload these 3 times because I use a pretty hot load and the primer pockets tend to loosen a bit. Great price on new ones and are usually in stock.

Fiocchi 28ga Hulls

By Rick P. on Nov 04, 2020
These load and crimp great. Make sure you have the full (3/4 oz) shot load, and they crimp perfect.

Fiocchi 28g primed hulls

By Mike E. on May 26, 2020
Great Product! They load better than the Cheddite hulls.

2 3/4 " 28 Ga. Fiocchi hulls

By Deron T. on Feb 18, 2020
I have been handloading and reloading these hulls for years. They roll crimp beautifully and fold crimp nicely if you have the proper wad and shot height. I have reloaded these hulls up to 4 times (magnum style loads) before gernading and no longer usable.
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