LC AMMO 7.62x51mm M118LR 175gr SRA-MK 20/BX 20/CS

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MPN:7.62X51 M118LR
LC AMMO 7.62x51mm M118LR 175gr SRA-MK 20/BX 20/CS
LC AMMO 7.62x51mm M118LR 175gr SRA-MK 20/BX 20/CS
LC AMMO 7.62x51mm M118LR 175gr SRA-MK 20/BX 20/CS
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Product Information

New Lake City Arsenal contract overrun “M118 LR Special Ball” (M118LR) ammunition, not remanufactured or seconds!  Received in bulk Lake City packaging repackaged into 20 round boxes by machine for Graf and Sons.

  • Lake City 2018 LR head stamped cases.
  • Sierra 175gr Match King OTM Bullet.
  • Press fit, not staked,  #43 primers for bolt action rifles (not the harder machine gun primer).

This is loaded ammunition.


WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to -

Read 8 Reviews - Average Rating: 4.8 stars

Great Deal on Accurate Ammo

By Geoffrey S. on Aug 05, 2020
Fired from a Savage 110 20" Heavy Barrel and a 16" Armalite AR10. Very accurate. Unfortunately did not have my Chronograph with me to get velocities but the ammo ran perfect in both rifles. Only able to shoot to 100 yards but the Savage kept 5 shots touching. Bonus is the GREAT brass for reloading!

Great Ammo, Even Better Price

By Ryan R. on Jun 25, 2020
While my M118LR didn't arrive looking the prettiest (lots of grime/tarnish on the rounds). It sure didn't affect the quality of the ammo. Very accurate out of both my SCAR and my R700. My only wish now is that I could buy just the boxes to house my M118LR clone loads in...

Good ammo & great cases

By Larry K. on Jun 20, 2020
I bought the Lake City Long Range rounds for two reasons. The first was to test the accuracy of the round. The second and primary reason was I wanted the brass to reload. At 100 yards the first two rounds were touching and the third made a one inch group. The second three rounds shot a one inch group. With a warm barrel my Mossberg MVP didn’t shoot a great group at two hundred yards. I need to continue testing. After cleaning the LC brass I resized the cases and then uniformed the primer pockets. Remington 9 1/2 primers easily seated in the primer pockets. There is no military primer crimp. The fired case length measured from 2.005 to 2.008” after resizing. 2.005 is the trim to length so the cases didn’t lengthen much. Another plus was the price Grafs was selling the ammo for. This was the least expensive price on the Internet.

Exactly as shown!

By Josh S. on Jun 16, 2020
Ordered 200 rnds, shot a nice 10 shot group and chrono'd them at about 2620 fps fired from my 22" barreled m1a. Due to current events...i will add the rest to the stockpile until needed...Very solid group. Everything was exactly what I expected and was true to what was advertised. Good stuff from Grafs as usual!

Quality Ammo at a Fair Price

By Michael S. on Jun 05, 2020
The real deal M118LR. Nicely packaged and ready for action. There are better options out there for 308, but none at this bargain.


By Robert W. on Jun 04, 2020
Great shooting ammo at a great price. Shoots as good as FGMM In my custom Savage.

Consistent but not accurate in my rifle

By Stephen T. on Jun 03, 2020
My groups were about 2.5” on average at 100 yards. It had a low SD of 5.9 and 2601fps out of my Bergara HMR 20” barrel. This ammo is not accurate in my rifle but might be in another. LCLR brass is extremely consistent and I look forward to reloading these cases.

Excellent Ammo

By Casey S. on Jun 03, 2020
Fired from both of my DS Arms rifles and it had great velocity from 20” barrels, more than I get from hand loads so I think it’s authenticity marked.
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