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Designed for straight walled hulls (Federal, Rio, Estate, Cheddite).  Available in 2 configurations- 1 oz and 1-1/8 oz.

Bag of 250 Wads

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By David D. on Jul 16, 2023
Work better then Fed wads in stright hulls. Perfect shot height

Awesome wad!

By Jsmes P. on May 23, 2023
Using for pellet slug or shot works great.

FIOCCHI WAD 12ga 1-1/8oz

By Matthew R. on Feb 20, 2023
This is one of my new favorite wads for 1-oz and 1-1/8 oz trap loads, (it’s advertised as a 1-1/8 oz wad but it’s a perfect stack height wad for 1-oz as well). I get a perfect stack height without compressing the crush section at all with fiocchi, Rio and Rc2 hulls with 1-oz of hard #8’s going 1200 FPS. The reduction in recoil from this wad is very noticeable and provides excellent dense patterns through a improved modified choke. I will definitely be buying more.

They work ok

By Michael B. on Sep 15, 2022
These are one of the few wads that are made for straight wall hulls. They seem to be much higher quality then the Claybuster wads, with a much more robust spring and petals. My only small concern is the gas seal does not scrape the sides of a fiocchi hull as its put in. There is a tiny bit of gap still so if there is a lot of powder sticking on the walls of the shell I have to push it down by some other means. It seems to hold the powder down well enough when its packed down tight on to the powder and crimped though.

Great wad for lee key drive 7/8 an 1oz slug by James Richardson

By James R. on Oct 20, 2021
I've used this for both 7/8oz an the 1oz Lee key drive slugs. I get 1 to1-1/2 from center at 50 yds. And i think that is good for that slug. Works great for me in my VR 60
12ga. Shotgun.
Thank You.

low recoil buckshot

By HENRY C. on Aug 25, 2020
I use this wad to make a low recoil buck shot load. I used Rio 2 3/4 hulls xx.x grains of Hodgdon Titewad powder this RS-21 wad 9 pellets of hornady 00 buckshot stacked 3x3 with .030 overshot card 6 point crimp. Very nice load for my Mossberg 590 12 gauge Shockwave.


By Daniel S. on Aug 10, 2020
used in Fio Clear hull with 1oz of number #7 shot with xx.x grains of RED DOT. Wow, my daughter shoots with me now because of the reduction in the recoil. I will be buying two bags next time to reload the hulls with.

Excellent wads

By Raymond K. on Jun 02, 2020
I use these in 12 gauge Gun Club Hulls with 3/4 oz. #8 at 1250 to 1300 FPS. Perfect stack heights and terrific performance at 16 yard trap. Great pricing.
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