SPEER 10MM(.400)155g GDHP BULLET GoldDot-HP 100/bx

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SPEER 10MM(.400)155g GDHP BULLET GoldDot-HP 100/bx
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Product Information

We created the first bonded-core handgun bullet. Using our proven Uni-Cor® technology, we bond the copper jacket to the lead core one molecule at a time. We've virtually wiped out the cause of most bullet failures — core-jacket separation. In the process, we've assured high retained weights and excellent penetration. Most bullet makers add the hollow point cavity at the very last operation. This is not very smart if you want premium performance. We, however, form the cavity in two distinct steps. The first cavity operation establishes the limit of maximum expansion--a bullet isn't very effective if it rolls back so far that it falls apart--and precuts both the jacket and the core for symmetrical expansion. The final cavity operation establishes the rate of expansion. The flexibility of this two-step proces lets us tune each bullet to its intended velocity range. Bullets for low-velocity cartridges have a deep cavity; those for high-velocity have a shallow cavity. We put a lot into Gold Dot. Accuracy. Penetration. Incredible terminal performance.

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Quite possibly the finest self-defense bullet in this caliber

By Scott C. on Nov 24, 2013
I've tested over a dozen different brands and styles of bullets for use in my S&W 10mm auto, getting fair to decent performance from most, then I found the 155 Gold Dot.
Accuracy is excellent, and more importantly the bullets are bonded to the cores, something I tested by shooting into wet soil and rotten tree limbs.
Expansion was textbook perfect, and the jackets stayed fully adhered to the lead core that had mushroomed completely.
These are what I now routinely use in my carry loads, so that says it all on the subject of the confidence they inspire.
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