Forster Bullet Puller

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The Forster Bullet Puller has a sure grip which reduces the chance of damage; reduced damage means the reloader can salvage more parts and save money. The carefully constructed, solid steel collet is the big difference between this bullet puller and others on the market. Our fine quality bullet puller will not slip. In fact, the loading press pull actually tightens the grip on the bullet as it is removed. The Forster Collet Style Bullet Puller fits any 7/8" X 14 thread reloading press and bullets from .17 caliber to .458. Note: This bullet puller is not intended for use with the Forster Co-Ax® Press.  Collets sold separately.

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Forster Bullet Puller

By Thomas S. on Jun 05, 2014
You'd think with a name like Forster, you'd be getting a first-class product. Not with this bullet puller. Bought to disassemble 7.62x39 import ammo, The collet can never grasp the diameter of the bullet reliably. I notice that as I tighten the collet, the press handle starts moving down, indicating that the collet is gripping the tapered part of the bullet. It leaves scrapes on the surface of each bullet, negating any chance of re-using them. This is a clunker of an idea.
It's back to the hammer/inertai puller for me. At least All the components are intact.
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