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Add a bullet and pull the lever; all other operations are automatic. One loaded cartridge with each pull of the lever. Primers, like the powder, are fed only if a case is present. No wasted primers or spilled powder. Alternate loading sequence lets you load only one case at a time. Makes learning easy for the first time user and great for fine adjustments or experimenting. Change calibers in 3 minutes.

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Exercise in frustration!

By Keith R. on Jan 20, 2013
This press has gotten mixed reviews elsewhere. There were enough positives that I decided to give it a try, since this is the only progressive press in my budget.

Well, every common complaint from other people has happened to me. I spent a couple hours getting it tuned and ready to go for my first full run of ammo. I had already loaded 15 rounds getting the dies, powder measure, and primer feeder setup. All were running smoothly.

Then I started my run. First round, the chain on the powder measure snapped! I had already run a number of cases through - the aforementioned 15 test rounds and a number of others to make sure the measure was throwing the right charge.

I replaced the chain and started again. The next round failed to have a primer seated and the press jammed up. Turns out a primer flipped in the feeder trough. I had to remove all the primers and unjam the press.

Got that straightened out and started again. Three cases later and... Snap! There went the chain again. I removed the primers, emptied the powder measure and walked away. Forty five minutes into my first real run and I had 3 primed cases to show for it.

I am debating whether to try again another day, or just return the press. I've always had good luck with Lee products, but not this one. I gave it two stars because I think it's a nice product if it would work. There are plenty of people that seem to get theirs to work, but not me.

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