Lee Safety Powder Scale

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The Lee Safety Scale is magnetically dampened and features a tough phenolic beam, the same material used on table and counter tops. Phenolic is tough but, like glass, it can’t be bent. Even if dropped you can feel confident that if it did not break, it is still accurate. Sensitive and readable to 1/20 grain. Powder pan included.

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Always check with a beam scale

By Robert C. on Dec 01, 2016
This is a very sensitive beam scale for under $30 .
Always double check powder loads with a beam scale against your electronic scale (if you have one) Reason one -several will change the weight scaled as they warm up - Bullet weight no big deal, unless you shoot bench rest. Small pistol cases & powder, it's a bigger deal.
On the minus - only weighs up to 100 grains, your furnace or A/C kicking on may change the scale slightly. Read & Follow the instructions, you can split the weight down to a .05 grain if your picky.
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