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Warning: Melting lead and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead, which is known to cause birth defects, other reproductive harm and cancer. See instructions on reducing exposure supplied with product.
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Fastest and easiest way to lubricate and size cast bullets. Standard 7/8 x 14 threads fit any reloading press. Bullets are pushed through the sizing die nose first, so no special nose punches are needed. Gas checks are automatically seated and crimped in place. Sized bullets are captured in the special container. A 4 oz. bottle of Lee Liquid Alox Lube is included, enough for thousands of bullets.

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8x57 Mauser Cast Bullets

By David S. on Nov 18, 2016
I bought this after getting 500 .324 cast lead rounds from Missouri Bullets. After applying the lube and tumbling about 50 and drying for an hour I set up the die on my press. The problem is that unless these bullets have bases for the gas check, they won't seat the gas checks and there is no provision for crimping. Best get the right bullets with a gas check base, plus some super glue to keep them in place.
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