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The Lee Factory Crimp die crimps the bullet in place more firmly than any other tool. It is impossible to buckle the case as with regular roll crimp dies. Trim length is not critical.

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Lee Crimp Dies are a must

By Tim C. on Apr 02, 2014
Where to start with the Lee crimp dies? If you are like me you reload for increased accuracy. In that case the Lee crimp dies are a must on your loading bench.

Lee crimp dies completely do away with the “buckled” case that comes with an improperly adjust crimp from regular roll crimp dies. Lee crimp dies crimp the bullet into the case mouth from the sides creating a firm even pressure over the 360 degrees of the bullet (especially important for bullets without a cannelure or ammunition being fired in a semi-automatic). This even pressure crimp results in: 1. improved accuracy due to higher and even pressures before the bullet can exit the case neck. 2. The higher start pressures will give less velocity deviation making your powder choice less critical. 3. Proper bullet to bore alignment and finally 4. Ammunition that performs (everything being equal) more consistently from round to round.

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