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MEC single stage brass primer spring

By Robert J. on Jan 27, 2023
The springs do wear out and break.
Good to keep a spare on hand.
Good product.

Robert J. 1/272023

So much from such a little spring

By Brian R. on Oct 03, 2020
This spring is crucial to keep your primers flowing smoothly. Compression doesn't kill a spring. It's the number of cycles that kills a spring. After you have loaded 10 thousand rounds you may notice your spring has lost its bounce and your primers are not being moved properly. This in turn leads jams, half strokes and no feed conditions. If you keep the surface of your tray waxed and everything is in top mechanical working order, you can pretty much bet you need a new spring. When something goes arye on a reloader it's usually something minor and annoying. If this spring is weak you will find yourself constantly fidgeting with the primer feed. You will look at everything else but this spring and be very frustrated for it.
This is a simple error as most cannot visualize the power this spring has so it is often overlooked as the source of your frustration. Do yourself a favor and keep a small supply of these on hand, you won't regret it. AND DON'T FORGET TO KEEP THE SURFACE OF THAT TRAY POLISHED AND WAXED!!

Tray spring

By Gene M. on Sep 11, 2019
It was the oem spring.
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