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Black Glassbed

Glasbed bedding is the single best choice for the gun owner who wants to give his gun the accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency that only Glasbed bedding can. It's a real time saver! There's no measuring involved, and nothing to clean up afterwards. The proportions are exact so you can't make a mistake, and the working time is long enough for even a novice "bedder" to get everything positioned correctly before the Glasbed bedding begins to set up. Plus, the convenience and ease of use make it a natural for the busy shop and experienced stock man. They took their time-proven Acraglas Gel® formulation and made it in two colors: fiberglass-stock-black or gunstock-walnut-brown. Then, they packaged it in a neat, divided, polypropylene "bag" that serves as its own mixing container. You get the right amount of pre-measured resin and hardner to mix and Glasbed bed one sporter stock without a lot left over. No cups or spoons to clean and no dye to spill. There's a bottle of Release Agent and a couple of Swabs to apply it with, some Sandpaper to rough-up the wood or fiberglass inside the stock and help get rid of any mold releases or stock finish left in the inletting, plus two Spreader sticks to let you put the Glasbed bedding everywhere you want it. Then, we include the detailed, illustrated, easy-to-understand Instructions that walk you through the process, step-by-step, so every stock you bed will be right. You get everything you need to Glasbed a stock in one handy, compact package. Glasbed takes stock bedding out of the "black magic" stage and makes it truly user-friendly for everyone especially the first-timer. If you're bedding one gun or a lot of guns, Glasbed is for you. Easy, no-mess, no-waste mixing . . . stay-in- one-spot feature . . . sophisticated molecular structure . . . long pot life and curing time for no-fear stock bedding.

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