RCBS Stuck Case Remover

RCBS Stuck Case Remover
RCBS Stuck Case Remover
RCBS Stuck Case Remover
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Product Information

Our Stuck Case Remover extracts stuck cases from sizer dies without damaging the die, using a very simple two-step removal process.

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It Works

By Leon G. on Jan 31, 2019
It took me ten years, but I finally got a stuck case! I was distracted by a phone call and grabbed a case not yet lubed.

The RCBS stuck case extractor kit includes a drill bit, tap, jack screw, base and wrench. Everything you need is included, although a few common tools will greatly help.

The drilling is the only tricky part of the procedure. Keep control of the drill to prevent the bit entering the case too far where it will damage the decapper pin. (BTW this is a strong argument for removing the decapper pin from your FLR die. Decap with a universal decapper die.) You may want to use a drill bit stop for this reason.

Next, thread the drill hole. A wrench (you provide!) will work holding the tap, but a proper tap wrench provides much better axial control and is easier to turn. Normal threading procedure is advised; use some cutting oil and back out the tap every full turn to clear the flutes of brass fragments.

After threading the former flash hole, place the base cap over the case and insert the jack screw. The Allen wrench included in the kit is adequate. Just thread the jack screw into the tapped hole and turn until the case is withdrawn.

I would also suggest replacing the lock ring with e.g. a Hornady ring, which has flats that will grip better in a bench vise, which of course you will have to provide on your own.

Suggested tools not provided in the kit:

Drill bit stop
Tap wrench
Bench vise
Die locking ring with opposed flats, e.g. Hornady
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